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Shai Faran


My classes consists of things I am fascinated by and working on at the moment.
It is a mixture of things I gathered through the years and things I have developed myself.  Nowadays, my main tool of work is improvisation.

I am interested in movement, musicality, habits, freedom of choice, expressiveness, and limiting the possibilities of movement in order to find new things and new options.
My class is divided to two parts- the first part is a warm up for the body, the awareness and the senses. Using mobility, strength and stretch into traveling in space, using dynamic movement and preparing the body to work, as well as using the imagination and triggering the senses with the information around us.

In the second part of the class we work with very specific and simple physical tasks/limitations/scores, and build layers of information which will bring us to the reach, full, expressive and musical dancing.


Shai Faran is an Israeli dancer, teacher and choreographer, based in Europe.

After studying in the dance department at the Misgav High School, she continued her studies at the Haifa dance workshop for dancers and choreographers. She danced for the Kibbutz Contemporary Dance Company II,  the Sigma Ensemble, the Dafi Altabab Dance Group and then moved to Europe to start dancing in the Bodhi Project company at SEAD, where she has worked with different choreographers and performed around Europe. After a year in Salzburg she moved to France and started to work with the choreographer Yuval Pick at the CCNR, Lyon. 
She created several works which won scholarships from the America- Israel Cultural Foundation and the foundation named after Ehud Manor.
She has worked with different choreographers such as Matej Kejzer, Maya M.Caroll, Zoe Knights, Michael Miler and nowadays she is working with Yuval Pick.

For two years she went through the teachers’ training for GAGA - the movement language developed by Ohad Naharin at the Batsheva Dance Company.
In the last few years she has been teaching contemporary dance and improvisation classes and workshops around Europe and now-days she lives in Berlin, where she works as a free lance dancer, teacher and choreographer.