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Sara Shelton Mann

To transform. To choose and experience the results of your choices. To play with awareness. Process: improvisational research based on a body systems, actions, relationships and energetic communication. It may include a wide variety of puzzles, writing, scenarios and other tools according to make up of participants.  Chi Cultivation included ‐ A series of movement/breath exercises that articulate the spine, work the muscles, touch all the meridians and will raise your physical energy and your consciousness building strength and vitality.

Will include basics of: Deep Touch: the hands as a source of connection to the whole brain, spine and heart from the energy field into the skin, muscles, organs and bones of the physical body. Blending energetic healing work and dance/movement. You will breathe a lot, move a lot, listen, feel, share your brilliance and receive lots of gifts. What’s possible?

Sara Shelton Mann has developed interdisciplinary teaching and performance methods that work with the person as the vehicle of transformation. Her process has come from personal research and many years of study in various spiritual traditions, shamanic practices, and healing trainings. She is a Master NLP (neuro‐linguistic programming) Practitioner, certified Reconnection Healer(TM), TheReconnection(TM). and a continual student of dowsing and other healing modalities.