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Clébio Oliveira

The Temporary Body is a result of Clébio Oliveiras work as a choreographer.
The Temporary Body class starts with a dynamic warm up: This means observation and awakening the body structures and mechanisms. In a gradual build up, scores for improvised sequences are used as a tool for articulated poetic physicality, bridging ability and conceptual potentials. It involves a crossing of a large range of contrasted vocabulary and principles, qualities of time space dynamics and imagery work. Dealing with those scores will help us to find a fluid interaction of the conscious and unconscious mind and the transforming body. Following these scores, choreographic materials will be proposed for a daily training routine: a time for the pleasure of interpreting movements (acting on spirals, floor work, extensions, modulating gravity, moving center etc.) constructed on the various kinetic faces of todays contemporary dance, real time composition and choreographic materials.

Clébio Oliveira was born in Natal, North-East of Brazil. He lived in Rio de Janeiro between 1998 and 2007. Clébio is a choreographer and a contemporary dance teacher graduated by the dance university, UniverCidade da Cidade, in Rio de Janeiro. In the year 2011 he was the winner of the “National Choreographic Competition“ of the Hubbard Street Dance Company Chicago. In September 2011 he created a new work for this worldwide famous company. In 2006 he was awarded as “The Best Choreographer in 2006 ” by Jornal do Brasil, one of the most important newspapers in Rio de Janeiro, with the work “All We Keep Waiting For…”, a contemporary dance piece with Brazilian regional music. Since he started to develop his work as a choreographer Clébio won more than fifteen prizes as best choreographer and dancer in different festivals in Brazil. Invited by the Ballet Theatre Kiel (Germany), Clébio staged, in January 2009”Something is ending, something is beginning”. This piece was pointed out by Tantznetz.de as “the most innovating and most interesting piece of the night, and the only work with a particular body language”. (Lena Zieker)
In his choreographic language Clébio proposes a dialogue between the traditional Brazilian culture in association with contemporary dance elements, which makes his work to present something unique, sophisticated and aesthetically diversified. In his choreographic work Clébio explores the complexity and potentiality of the body, alternating strength, investigation, poetry and sensibility. This diversification generates a particular aesthetic, which mixes dance techniques, theater and folk culture. As a choreographer, he created pieces for many companies in Brazil and Europe.
He also danced, during four years, for Deborah Colker’s Dance Company and three years for Cie. Toulas Limnaios. With these Companies, he danced at the most important Festivals and tournées through Europe, Asia and South America.
Clébio has been living in Berlin and working in Germany since 2008. He is still working part times in Brazil.