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11. bis 12.07.2020 EXPERIENCE BUTOH  
by Horacio Ganem  
im DOCK 11 Saal1  



11/07 from 11:00 am to 6:00 pm
12/07 from 11:00 am to 6:00 pm
(lunch-snack for both days provided)

Training and Creation Laboratory
Participants: 10 - 20
Contribution: 140 €
Booking and Information: horacioganemworkshop@gmail.com

Kastanienallee 79
10435 Berlin


Research, training and creation laboratory to deepen and investigate new movement tools in the encounter with the "body - essence". To look at the "body - essence" and its poetics is to encourage an ecological evolution of existence.
By Horacio Ganem

The movement work introduces the participants to a training method that includes the bases of Japanese Butoh, "Dance of Experience", as well as elements of spontaneous movement and physical theatre.
We are living the creative act as a social act par excellence, where we summon all the internal and external spaces that make up the woman, the man, the animal, the vegetable or the mineral which we inhabit.
From the creative act we attempt to go beyond; to ascend, to search, to find, to propose a new point of reference to look at and to which we relate our reality and our imagery. Within this process the body is the insisting craftsman of the events. The quality of movement and presence originates in our sensitivity and empathy.

We welcome all bodies from various disciplines, actors, dancers, musicians, visual artists and any person who enjoys working consciously and poetically with movement as a jump of point.


The meetings will be held in two dimensions:
1). Training: using ancient and contemporary Japanese movement and scenic techniques, theatrical anthropology and physical theatre.
2). Creation Laboratory: we will work through the "Landscapes of the body-essence", investigating the poetics of body, voice, imagination and painting to discover a new vocabulary of personal movement.


- Experimentation and Improvisation through Drawing, Voice and Movement
- Developing: vocabulary of creation, conscious breathing, elastic dynamics, active meditation, stage presence, transformation of energy qualities
- Subtle Bodies: discovering the internal plasticity of the body
- Regenerative Movement Techniques: using our weight, sizes, volumes, bone tones, veins, organs,
fabrics, skin
- Dramaturgy of Movement: "Landscapes of the body-essence"
- Perception of the Space and Creation: the distances we keep from the earth, objects and the like
- Communication channels: touch, hearing, sight, smell memory, reflexes, breathing, digestion,
thought and imagination




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