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10. bis 14.02.2020 Voice and the Improvising Body  
with Julyen Hamilton  
11.00 bis 13.00 Uhr im DOCK 11 Saal1  

Voice and the Improvising Body

Voice and the Improvising Body


10.-14. Februar 2020

Monday - Friday 11.00 - 13.00 h

register: julyenhamilton@gmail.com

Place: DOCK 11, Kastanienallee 79, 10435 Berlin, Theater



The VOICE is one of the main areas of interest I have been working with over a number of years. It has been an element constantly included within my performances and the making of texts has been a practise since my youth.

The classes will be focussing upon .............

- what area of the imagination the voice touches
- what layers of our creativity it handles and expresses
- how it lives naturally alongside movement and the poetics of dance
- making sounds, words, sentences and dialogue.

- the instant making of dances for performance
and the inclusion of the voice within this process.


JULYEN HAMILTON is a dancer / choreographer / poet and teacher. He has been making dances for over 30 years performing dance work throughout the world. Born and brought up in England he trained in London in the 1970‘s, a time of radical experimentation, he has been an exponent of innovative performance since that time. His work is mostly improvised : he composes dance works instantly as well as the texts which mostly accompany them. When working with his company ‚Allen‘s Line‘ he directs dancers and lighting designers to make and perform work through this same immediacy. Since the 80‘s he has performed in close collaboration with many live musicians from all over Europe. It is with some of these musicians that he gives readings of his poetry. He is well respected for his teaching which reflects his research and development into efficient ways in which technique can evolve and improvisational creativity might be imparted. He is regularly invited to teach in major training centres throughout the world, his pedagogy centering around the elements of space, time, voice and dramaturgy.




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