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31.10. bis 01.11.2019 PRACTICING BEINGS  
by Andr Soares  
im DOCK 11 Saal3  




Dates: 31.10.+01.11.2019, 10-15 h

Place: DOCK 11, Kastanienallee 79, 10435 Berlin, Saal 3

Registration: practicingbeings@gmail.com

More Information: practicingbeings.info

A sensorial journey // durational experience: awakening the affection of time and space within being

TRUST&TOUCH TECHNIQUES for multidimensional experiences

Practicing Beings unfolds through choreography and visual arts for/with human bodies and other forms of life. Strongly anchored in research and in a constant procedural embodiment this journey desires to engage with you by handling experiences that renders (in)reality. Therefore this practice articulates meaningful devices such as wording, the perception of time cadency in contemplation, the inherent choreography that inform, form and affirm or disrupt normalization.
You are invited to dwell in a diptych environment: forest or garden or out-doors-natural space / studio-artificial space > with a desire to link both with reciprocity, kin to wilderness and blurring the boundaries.
You are encouraged to become a co-creator attending singular experiences and a living document of the ongoing-process.
Together we will collaborate to perform events/spaces InTrans-formation kin to resilient and benevolent ways of being as a practice. Thus proposing sound and voice practices, movement and dance as weather with all 5 elements, inner-practices and performance-as-space. In all, a common denominator prevails: the encounter between (and departing from) sentient bodies to re-trust and connect – to “CLICK” – as relational beings/creatures that are in contact-touch.




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