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05. bis 16.08.2019 Moving Alchemy: Berlin Workshops  
with Sara Shelton Mann  
10.00 bis 13.00 Uhr im EDEN***** Studio1  

Moving Alchemy: Berlin Workshops

Moving Alchemy: Berlin Workshops


Week 1 Monday-Saturday, August 5-10 10AM-1PM
Week 2 Monday-Friday, August 12-16 10AM-1PM

Prices: 15 to 20 Euro sliding scale daily drop in
Week 1: 85 Euro/6 days
Week 2: 70 Euro/5 days
Both Weeks: 150 euro

***To pre-register for Weeks 1+2, email moving.alchemy.maps@gmail.com ***

Place: EDEN Studios, Breite Strasse 43, 13187 Berlin

Moving Alchemy
Training in the philosophy and methods of Sara Shelton Mann
Each module holds a key and a relationship to the others.
The basics support the refinement taught in the later sequences and are the building blocks for the whole.
Each segment may include material from others depending on the interests and skills of the participants.

Week 1 The Body Process – Being in the Body - From the ground up, bringing you deeply inside, we will explore segments of the physical structure and converse with the energetic structure. There will be a lot of breathing, hands on, time for questions and sharing. We will also do grounding work, protection and releasing modalities.
Core – Pheriphery – gathering the points/practices/ spaces of you into play
Staying in the body
Physical platform as a way to stay grounded while exploring states and fields of information
Tracking, seeing the room
Falling 1 -nuts and bolts of ascending spine and weight - the shift
What is a walking base? What does it mean to be one-legged
Contact applications

Week 2 The Energetic body - the improvisational specific topic - in relationship - Playing in the field of space, time, weight and relationship. The whole is more than the parts. Establishing personal and impersonal game plans we enter the terrain of choice, focus, ease and clarity. Owning your choices.
Space - Space and geometry
The spacial gap and universal energy
SNF/solo/neutral/follow/who’s body are you in
Transparency and the witness
Breath and journey work
Separating tracks /fields of information in interaction
NLP – visual, kinesthetic auditory and auditory digital
Touch and anchoring
Bringing them in 1 at a time and holding them as tracks of information

Chi Cultivation included – A series of movement/breath exercises that articulate the spine, work the muscles, touch all the meridians and will raise your physical energy and your consciousness building strength and vitality while moving through space and interacting with others

Sara Shelton Mann has been a choreographer, performer, and teacher since 1967. She was a protégé of Alwin Nikolais and Murray Louis in New York City before moving to Canada where she met Andrew Harwood and fell in love with Contact Improvisation.

In 1979 she moved to San Francisco to work with Mangrove, now Mixed Bag Productions, for which she serves as artistic director. One of its early manifestations was the company Contraband, launched as a performance group and research ground combining the principles of contact, systems of the body and spiritual practice into a unified system of research.

Among her awards are a John Simon Guggenheim Fellowship, 7 Isadora Duncan Awards, including a special achievement award for “erasing time: celebrating 30 years a radical dance legend” (Sara Shelton Mann with David Szlasa and Norman Rutherford), Djerassi Artist in Residence Awards, Headlands Center for the Arts Residency 2016, Lifetime Achievement Bay Guardian Award, 10 Women Who Made a Difference, Bay Guardian "Goldie" Award, Foundation for Contemporary Arts Grants to Artists award (2016).

Her Movement Alchemy training is an ongoing teaching project and is influenced by certifications and studies in the metaphysical and healing traditions. Sara’s performance work is a platform for collaboration and research in consciousness.





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