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14. bis 15.09.2019 from impulse into pulsation  
Workshop/Laboratory with Claire Huber  
im DOCK 11 Saal1  

from impulse into pulsation

from impulse into pulsation


Saturday 14th and Sunday 15th of September, 2019

in DOCK 11, Kastanienallee 79, 10435 Berlin, Saal 1

13.00 to 18.00 with (short!) breaks, (10 hours)
early bird (before the 1st of September): 75 euros
After that : 90 euros
Max 12 persons.
Register at : claire.huber(at)hotmail.com,
Workshop in English


Video link to the trailer of the workshop: https://youtu.be/G2mfJQwjisg

Soft and swaying or percussive and attacking or joyfully bouncing, rhythms are both terribly vital and sensorial, and rigorously mathematical at the same time. They create resonances, move the inner and outer spaces, and organize time. Enough to say how fundamental they are to dance !

During workshops, I like to take the time : so that the material has time to be embodied, that it can be specified to its deepest extent. All the more with rhythm, because for most of us, rhythm mobilizes first the head, and that it takes time to « bring it down » into the body. And when it’s down there, that we have the leisure to play with it !

For the first part, we will listen to rhythms that are already there in our movements. Activate impulses, define them. Create individual rhythmical sequences : the whole range of your dance artistry is required !
From this material, we will start to compose, and transform impulses into pulsations. With a great challenge : to keep the freshness, the liveliness and the impulsivity of movements while we are composing. Rhythm is a great tool for that, as you cannot do otherwise than invest it every new pulsation.

For the second part, we will dive deeper in the « technical » aspect of rhythm : on the beat, off the beat, syncopation, change of tempo, subdivision of time… by clapping, stepping, recognizing and producing simple and more complex rhythms patterns.

At last, we will put what we’ve learned into dancing together, addressing poly-rhythms, counterpoints, synchronisations, etc. and enjoying collective resonances.


Claire Huber is a choreographer, a dancer and a poet, based in Brussels.

Educated to Humanities in Paris, and holding a master degree in philosophy at the E.H.E.S.S., she firstly devoted herself to writing and translating poetry (a.o. Rainer Maria Rilke) and to direction and text adaptation for theater (The Idiot by Dostoievsky). Then, she was committed to mime and physical theater companies linked with the Grotowsky Institute, and story-telling in Western Africa. As she came back to Europe, she turned to the study and practice of dance, pursuing an education in the Tanzfabrik, Berlin, and then training the more extreme physicality of the Ultima Vez repertory in Portugal, before she entered P.A.R.T.S., in Brussels.

Her choreographic work delves into rhythms as sensory unfolding of inner temporalities, probes the interlacing of poetical text, dance and music, and broaches upon the dramaturgical question of dance pieces that are given to the ear, among which No.oN (for three dancers and a percussionist, mentored by Mette Ingvartsen), "...and then we knew it was wind" (for seven dancers, commissioned for the Kinitiras Company, Athens), Siegfried's Idyll (solo in collaboration with the Amadeo orchestra), " Im Lande der Zauberei " (a piece for seven dancers derived from Henri Michaux’s poems)...
She has been invited in several studios and centers in Europe, among which Largo Residencias, Lisbon, Devir/Capa, Faro, Kinitiras, Duncan Center, Garage Performing Art Center Corfu, Krama Artspace, Greece, Cowhouse studios, Ireland, ZPC, Croatia, JSKD, Slovenia, Dock 11, Berlin, both as a choreographer and a pedagogue (workshop "from impulse into pulsation", classes of Pilates, and traditional dances). She collaborates closely with musicians Tilen Draksler, Kaja Farszky, Ruben Orio Martinez and Stalin Abdi.
She has been awarded a grant by the Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles and by I-Portunus to pursue further her choreographic researches.

Trailer No.oN : https://youtu.be/H_1Gd40Mi1I


Photo credits : Karol Jarek





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