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12. bis 13.07.2019 LOST IN SPACE - WORKSHOP  
with Kamel Jirjawi  
15.30 bis 17.30 Uhr im DOCK 11 Saal1  




July, 12-13 (Beginners and intermediate
35Euro (early bird) / 50Euro - after July 1st
/ - 15:30-17:30

For registration and more information: my email: Kamelsaif123@gmail.com
num: 0176 74715525

About the workshop
The workshop aims to articulate through a series of investigations on the movement and structured improvisation, intended as a conceptual, but also a physical and mental challenge. Movement materials want to be transformed and de-structured in several ways. For example, a movement phrase wants to be treated as a spoken phrase, where the movements can be isolated as "words" and used to compose new phrases. The random phrase in the phrase is made by improvising or composition. The workshop structure is: Teaching and learning to study in the field of motion

Within the Workshop we will relate to each other.classes will not only be physical but there will be time and space for a calm and deep investigation into the body. We will work on researching our relationship to weight, gravity and the use of our center, as basics in contemporary dance technique. The aim of the classes is to find ease, fluidity, and clearness in movement. Kamel will guide the class by giving movement phrases and lead improvisations to deepen the material.he will also use partner work-exercises, which help to understand movement mechanisms and to find ease within certain movement patterns.


began studying contemporary dance at the age of twelve in Ramallah, West Bank. He has studied multiple forms of dance including but not limited to, Contemporary, Ballet, Hip hop, arm balance art and contortionist. He has studied Modern dance techniques: Martha Graham's technique, Jose Limon's technique, and Anna Halprin techniques. Kamel specializes now mostly in Contemporary dance techniques: release, floor work, flying low, contact improvisation, partnering, dance improvisation. Kamel has been very fortunate throughout his years to attend numerous training programs and workshops to master his skills. He graduated from Yante - i can move - program in Palestine. Now Kamel is a dance teacher and a dancer with NGC25 company in France.





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