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31.08. bis 01.09.2019 LOOP IT ALL - Method of improvisation and creation of movements from the drawing  
with Csar Alvarado  
im DOCK 11 Saal2  

LOOP IT ALL -  Method of improvisation and creation of movements from the drawing

LOOP IT ALL - Method of improvisation and creation of movements from the drawing

Dates: 31. August + 01. September 2019

Place: DOCK 11, Kastanienallee 79, 10435 Berlin, Saal 2


Price: 100.- Euro

The Loop it all method, which is taught as an international workshop, has its origins in 2010.

It is a set of tools and steps organized to improve improvisation.

Its main characteristic is the use of drawing for the creation of movements, and in this study the brief use of the drawing provides a starting point and the terminology of this technique complements the four sessions of importance that make up throughout the process.

Another of its pillars, in addition to the drawing, is the repetition or the "loop" and both are considered as constant exercises getting the practice to develop techniques on body awareness, retentiveness and spontaneous movement, in this way you get the ability to archive the created goals in the psychic and physical memory.

When the application of this content is put into practice, the result it provides comes from the imagination, personality, memory, perception, judgments, and corporeity of the student or interpreter, which guarantees, step by step and in an agile manner, the construction of phrases of movements, passages or scenes in concrete.

These files created and retained in corporeality can be displayed later in a choreographic way, or in a playful encounter during a practice. Loop it all develops the ability to memorize an improvisation and repeat it as if it were a rehearsed material, ideal for those who seek to build a "solo" for example, or a particular scene. 

The workshop is of a procedural nature, its objective stimulates the encounter with individual skills to create own movements, achieves a balance between the mind and the body as a vehicle of expression, and its approach is in line with the personal and artistic concerns of the participant.

Anyone with movement concerns can participate, the content of Loop it all during a workshop practice is totally physical, this has made diverse populations such as musicians, actors, actresses, professional dancers or who are in the beginning, opera singers, artists circuses, seniors, among others, have come together for the implementation of this method. In general Loop it all offers an option for the development of the performing arts, working with training centers, academies, universities, independent groups or dance and theater companies.

This method has been created by César Alvarado, who is artistic director of the Lo que es arriba Company and its continuous development keeps it fresh and constantly growing.






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