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27. bis 28.04.2019 Power of Transformation / freedomDANCE  
A two-day work out for our body, mind and heart with Alex Svoboda  
im DOCK 11 Saal2  

Power of Transformation / freedomDANCE

Power of Transformation / freedomDANCE


freedomDANCE is coming to Berlin! A two-day work out for our body, mind and heart.


The Power of Transformation weekend will combine introductory and advanced levels of dance meditation and conscious movement practice. There will be space for both absolute beginners and dancers with years of experience.

We will go through all stages of our dance cycle – Opening, Transformation, Freedom. And more than once! This time, however, we will hang around a bit longer at the peak, in Transformation, in the dance of release and renewal.

Transformation dance can scare or magnetise. For some of us, it is all about relaxing and for some - it is about inviting force and even harshness. This dance can liberate, it can make us feel awkward, it can bring ecstasy and it can unlock our voice and tears… there is a Transformation dance for everyone!

Very gently, step by step, we will warm up our bodies, prepare them so that we could voluntarily give ourselves to the power of this dance. There is so much going on while we are in it! And there is so little that we can control… We will need to focus on our connection to our centre, to the core of our being. We will have to stay open and trusting. And yes, we will need courage to step into the storm… The energy of change and discoveries are awaiting for each of us there!

About the Practice

Dance meditation is a powerful practice that is accessible to everyone and doesn’t require prior experience.

These are some of the benefits that people find in our classes and workshops:
■ Reconnecting to our bodies, to our physicality
■ Soft but substantial exercise
■ Stress release resulting lightness
■ Freedom to be oneself and to express oneself in movement

Our sessions are open to everyone who would live to move and live in harmony with the body. Any ages, fitness levels, body shapes are welcome. No experience in dance or meditation required.

A proven fact: Those who think that it’s not for them are more than often wrong! We are not learning dance steps but we are learning to trust our own bodies and find harmony with ourselves.

About the teacher

Alex Svoboda is the founder of freedomDANCE school of dance meditation and conscious movement.


27th of April 11:00-17:00
28th of April 11:00-17:00
both days lunch break from 13:30-14:30

***REGISTRATION and QUESTIONS*** via email at anamarija.marinov@gmail.com


You can choose to participate in only the first day or both days. Early bird prices are until the 8th of April.

One day/ 80EUR/ early bird 60EUR
Whole workshop/ 120EUR/ early bird 90EUR

We offer a 25% discount to freedomDANCE people, 15% to ICMTA members and other schools like Open Floor and 5Rhythms.

We know that sometimes it takes a bit of support to set yourself on this journey alone for the first time, but be assured you are about to discover the world of support and safety this dance floor provides.
Never the less we give first comers 10% discount if you bring a friend (the discount is valid for both of you)

See you on the freedomDANCE floor in Berlin!





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