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23. bis 24.03.2019 THE SPACE IN BETWEEN _DUO  
Dance Workshop and creativ research method by the Collaboration of Gemma Shrubb and Anna Katalin Nmeth  
im DOCK 11 Saal3  



Dates: 23.+24. March 2019

Date 23/24 March
23. March Saturday 10:30-3PM
24. March Sunday 11-3PM


Fee: 85 euro*
TWO Person for ONE Price (42,50 euro / Person)
* First FIVE SOLO Registration for 65 euro


Place: DOCK 11, Kastanienallee 79, 10435 Berlin, Saal 3

Registration: annakatalinaworks@gmail.com


Collaboration created by Gemma Shrubb and Anna Katalin Németh will deliver a weekend Intensive, sharing their tools of creation and of awakening the creative flow within ones body, and IN BETWEEN TWO bodies. Exploring and Investigating together with the participants through the physical approach of dance and a philosophical understanding of Human Relations.

The DUO version of the SPACE IN BETWEEN Workshop focuses, after investigating in the tools and approach of opening onselfs creative presence, on the moment of sharing between two individuums. The investigation is about how to share that open creative space, how can two bodies create their own language by sensitive listening and strong creative presence, using practical tools such as connecting through rhythm, breath, touch by sharing the skin, muscular and full body weight in contact and, travelling through balance and off balance in space. The research is about how to develop such a higl level of sensibility, that all movement becomes a clear chain of action and reaction, creating ones OWN language, a shared dance, shifting the focus from one or the other, on the invisible INBETWEEN, which becomes the only that matters.
The Workshop is strongly characterised by the work of RYTHM, BREATH, CONTACT, constantly changing between clearly formed, coordination, challenging exercises and imagery work through of improvisation.
The concepts such as: moving by necessity, trust, risk, presence and sensitivity, inner strength and instinct reaction, flowing between form and freedom are what characterise the work of the Collaboration of GEMMA and ANNA.
Our approach and motivation
We beleive to use all our abilities to the best we can to be able to help other prople to realise their strength, their own skills and abowe all, to learn something new. Wheather we are teaching steps, improvisation or the approach of tact in movement. The ability to bring people to a knew awareness, and throughout ourselves too, is what motivates us and gives meaning to our teaching.


The The Workshop has 4 Phases

I. Energywork/Connecting
Inspired by the knowledge of Meditation, rithualistic forms of Dance, breath work, and the release of sound contemplating in Improvisation and Drawing to awaken the creative source of the body.


II. Challenging Rhythm.
Combining the use of Folksmusic and dance, such as turkish, hungarian and flamenco, inspires rhythmical coordination exercises raising into higly demanding, physical levels of dance, opening the source of joy through passing exhaustion, concluding in the free use of the learned sources of steps and rythm in improvisation.


III. Challenging Spirals
Actively engaging the knowledge of the BIO-TENSEGRITY method, the use of natural CURVES and SPIRALS of the body, as well as the basic pincipals of WEIGHTSHIFTS between BALANCE and OFF_BALANCE positions, in challenging, coordination exercises and short phrases travelling on the floor and in the space between down and upright positions.


The last phase concludes with the concepts we have explored throughout the workshop, through a task based improvisation focused within partnering work. The concepts of moving by necessity, trust, risk, presence, instinct reaction and sensitivity will be a continuous focus, whilst exploring the different levels of touch, contact, shifting of the bodies on to each other, and sharing of weight, differentiating between elevating or lifting. By this final physical exploration we touch on the philosophical level of the subject of shared responsibilities in human relations.

*In all four phases of the Workshop tasks will be given in individual and often in duet format to be explored.
Gemma Shrubb


Trailer: https://vimeo.com/315777861

(C) KNI Imre Kövágó-Nagy 


Dancer, Choreographer, Dance teacher (UK)
Gemma began her training at The Northern School of Contemporary Dance, Leeds, with a BA Diploma into further Education. Continuing to a BA Hons Degree at The London contemporary Dance School. She then studied for her Postgraduate Diploma as part of Edge Dance Company, touring works nationally and internationally for choreographers including Hofesh Shechter, James Cousins, Helena Franzen and Danish Dans Theatre. Gemma’s professional experience has included works for Akram Khan, James Wilton, Fuora Dance Project, Willi Dormer and Co_Motion Dance as well as smaller scale projects for local theatres, Companies, galleries, film and photography artists. Since 2012 she is in the position of Dancer and Rehearsal Director for Ceyda Tanc Dance Company. Touring with the company nationally and throughout Turkey the companies ethos works with fusing Contemporary Dance and Traditional Turkish Folk Dance.
Throughout her performing and creative experiences Gemma has utilised her skills to bring her work and knowledge into a variety of artistic activities including dance teaching for professional as well as sharing her knowledge in local and out of area communities, health and social educational settings.
Gemmas teaching is characterised by her interest of Turkish Folk Dance, primarily the male roles within this traditional form, and the fusion of that with contemporary dance and improvisation, forming rhythms, patterns, almost ritualistic steps and breath within movement, as a way to approach human connections. These interests of investigation in dance and movement research were the basis which brought the motivation to co-creat in 2018 THE SPACE IN BETWEEN _DUO_ collaboration with Anna Katalin Németh Berlin based Hungarian dancer and choreographer.
Her credits also include photographic, Art and Film projects for Pete Inkpen, Roarke Pearce and Charana Jayasuriya. Specialised and Music Films for Billy Cowie, Slow Club, High Hazels, Grey Matter, Della Lupa and Pigeon Detectives.
Anna Katalin Németh


Dancer, Choreographer, Dance teacher (HU/G)
Anna began her dance training at the Hungarian University of Dance, Budapest, icluding anabroad study year at the Escoela Superior de Danca, Lisbon(PT). She graduated in 2011 with a BA Diploma in Contemporary Dance. After studing for over three years with the Dance Company, Budapest Dance Theater under the guidence of Razza Hammadi (FR), Bela Földi(HU), Josph Tmim (ISR) she continnued her education in SEAD, Salzburg Experimental Academy of Dance, where she has been part of creations of choreographers such as Milla Koinstinnen, Roberto Olivan, Victoria P. Miranda and Bostjan Antoncic.
After graduating from SEAD in 2015 she has moved to Berlin and became an active memeber of the NGO Dancers without Borders and worked in various art projects with political, educational and social engagement. This experiences made her realise, her own artistic potential and responsibilities, the neccesity to investigate her abilties and knowledge of dance into ebracing the understanding of human relations. As a freelancer she has worked with various coreographers such as Be van Vark, Constanza Macras, Sven Seeger, Dr. Caroline Vains, Nevin Aladag and since 2018 with the Dance Company Grupo Oito, founded by Ricardo de Paula. She shares the ideology, wich all these above mentioned artists are performing with their work, to empower human connections through dance and art, to resist all form of oppression, and to create space for integration and discussing the philosophical question of freedom.
Meanwhile freelancing and collaborating Anna maintained a strong focus on her research and investigated in a daily creative movement practice in nature over years, to understand possibe approaches of opening onself creative flow, by embracing knowledge of yogic principals, meditation, traditional folk dances and moving with the awereness of the bio-tensegrity methode. Those years of research and the exchange with other artists allowed her to utilise her skills and knowledge into a movement practice and ongoing creative research method, called THE SPACE IN BETWEEN. This praxis gave the base of her choreographic works, which she developed during the joined Choreography MA Programm, of the Berlin University of the Arts (UdK) and the Hochschule für Schauspielkunst “Ernst Busch” (HfS) and the Inter-University Center for Dance (HZT). In 2018 Anna shared the Research of THE SPACE IN BETWEEN with Gemma Shrubb Brighton based dance artist and their collective investigation brought the reserch to the new level, The SPACE IN BETWEEN _DUO_.




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