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17.02. bis 05.05.2019 Contemporary Movement for Women - Introduction  
with Corinna Didjurgeit and Violeta Koleva  
im DOCK 11 Saal2  

Contemporary Movement for Women - Introduction

Contemporary Movement for Women - Introduction

We invite you to a special journey into the roots, power and possibilties of Contemporary Dance

for Women

Workshop 1, 17.2.2019
Beginning ab 10.30 Uhr
we start at 11.00 Uhr to 13.00 Uhr
14.00 Uhr to 16.30 Uhr

Place: DOCK 11, Kastanienallee 79, Saal 2

Sign in until 14.2.2019


with Corinna Didjurgeit (Dance and Voice)
and Violeta Koleva (Percussion and Voice))

The second workshop is for women and men, 10.3.2019, 11.00 to 18.00
4.5. - 5.5.2019 Intensivworkshop, Informations will follow.


Depending on your income
Workshop 1
55 Euro  / 35 Euro  / 25 Euro 

Workshop 2
65 Euro / 45 Euro / 35 Euro

Workshop 1 and Workshop 2 together
115 Euro / 75 Euro / 55 Euro

Corinna Didjurgeit (dance) and Violeta Koleva (percussion) will take you on a journey into the female body through dance, sound and rhythm. This is a journey to the roots of the contemporary dance and our artistic, sensitive abilities. The experience of the female powers and abilities is especially tangible during dancing. Only here we can understand the depths, the inherent powers and our connection to each other and to our world. In the contemporary ritual our inner knowledge finds a way back into our lives. It allows us to experience the connection with our inner being more deeply and creates a bridge to the inexpressible levels, which we can understand and express during the dance and through our bodies. We are guided by the questions why it is so important nowadays that we activate our inner knowledge in dance and through dance and that we women dance together.

The workshop has to parts. We partly work with live percussion. You can also bring your drum.

In the first part of the workshop we explore in guided improvisations and contemporary movement practices the essence and power of movement, activate inner rhythms and empower the inhabit feminine forces in dance. Thereby we deepen and sensitise our sensual awarness and experience our moving body as powerful tools of creation and high awarness. In group movements we dive into the rhythms, sounds and forms of our bodies to awaken our inhabit forces. In guided breath and contemporary awareness practices we enable our mind to enter our sensual awarness to gain a deeper understanding of us and the laws of creation, dynamics and energies in that we dance. Hereby we experience the relationship between movement and our sensual awareness in its power.

In the second Part of the Introduction we create the Contemporary Ritual. Choreographic elements and sequences that came up in first part of the workshop let us dive deep into movement and rhythm to find trust and joy in the power of a feminine moving group. A flexible structure will guide us through our common dance.

- Our body and the experience as access to knowledge
- The female body and its rhythms
- Our language of movement and its expression possibilities
- the listening and expressing of our sensitive perception in dance
- The female body in dance: energy, knowledge and architectural space
- the intention in the dance
- the contemporary ritual - its space for transformation and centering
- a special place of knowledge and memory
- spatial forms, structures, dynamics, processes

The workshop is for everyone who is interested to understand and experience dance in its completeness and deeper meaning. It is for unprofessional and professional female dancers who like to gain a new perspective in their career and like to deepen their dance and movement language. The workshop is possible for dancers in pain or in regeneration after injury. All improvisations are guided and you are free to join what you feel comfortable with. You need experience in dance or body/awareness practices to join and follow the workshops. If you have a background in voice or you play an instrument but not dance you are welcome to join as well.

The contemporary ritual opens a certain and save environment for growth. It is a place where knowledge freely arise that is linked to contemporary subjects and actual themes. Today it is a space to remember and to turn towards our inner experiences as a form of knowledge and ability. For women in present society it is considered particularly important to remember their roots and abilities and come together in groups to strenghten. The group is an important place to help to know themselves. In finding their common abilities women find trust in their inhabit wisdom and give space to express. New approaches of togetherness, ideas of societies and families can be rethinked and created. Through this way of gathering we are able to stand challenging times. They are an essential component to develop new perspectives for
personal and collective growth.

is a professional dancer, artist and traditional healer. She studied contemporary dance at the University of Music and Dance Cologne, Architecture at the University of Art Berlin as well University of Design and Art Bezalel Jerusalem. After her studies she was initiated by different healers and shamans from Mongolia, North and South America into traditional healing arts to sensitise for the power of dance and art for peaceful societies. Her work A JOURNEY TO PEACE bring dancers, musicians and artist in contemporary rituals together, support women to reconect to their inner knowledge and opens space for children in the danceproject #peaceful learning. www.corinnadidjurgeit.com 

Violeta is originally from Sofia, Bulgaria and lives in Germany since 2012. After discovering her passion for drumming on various percussion instruments such as Tombak, Djembe and Cajon, she uses it since then to strengthen the connection with her inner power. Violeta performs regularly with musicians and dancers in various formats on stage. After completing her studies in business communication, Violeta published her first poetry book in 2018. She is also experienced in playing and giving improvisational theatre classes.



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