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18. bis 21.04.2019 DANCING BETWEEN – body is many points  
Easter Workshop by Minako Seki  
10.00 bis 15.00 Uhr im EDEN***** Studio1  

DANCING BETWEEN – body is many points

DANCING BETWEEN – body is many points


When: 18-21.4.2019

Thursday to Sunday | 10.00 -15.00

Registration: wsminakoseki@gmail.com

Where: EDEN***** Studios

Breite Strasse 43
13187 Berlin / Pankow



Dancing Between – Body is many points
In search of ourselves. of our movement, we always move between two poles. In between these poles lie the facets of our being. We will work and research intensely, drawing from all the possibilities this intermediate space leaves for movement and expression. Minako Seki is never definite, and yet clear when she tells about her own doubts and those determined by others, about listening and obeying, about desire and constraint – and about the respective intermediate spaces and pending states which the title “Dancing Between” suggests. In suspension between delight and confusion, in the indecisiveness of being. Throughout the past twenty years, Minako Seki has developed her own bodytechnique and teaching method. The Seki Method works with the TanDen, centre of the body, and origin of energy and movement. It is based on simple essential principles of nature and physics and its transformation into the dancing body. The theme of this workshop revolves around the centre of Minako Seki’s current artistic research.

Costs :
200€ if you book before February 20th.

220€ if you book after.

Photo: Jordi Cervera 



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