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16. bis 23.02.2019 Fooling Time - Ensemble Improvisation Training  
by Action Theaterô Berlin Sten RudstrÝm  
im EDEN***** Studio1  

Fooling Time - Ensemble Improvisation Training

Fooling Time - Ensemble Improvisation Training

16 - 23 February 2019 • Berlin, Germany

Saturday - Friday, 16 - 22 Feb 2019, 9:30 - 16:30

Friday & Saturday, 22 & 23 Feb 2019, 20 Uhr

EDEN*****, Breite Str. 43, 13187 Berlin, Studio 300

7 day intensive improvisation training with 2 public performances

275 / 200 €* 
Workshop limited to 12 participants.

Application deadline: 01 February 2019.
Please send CV and letter of interest to: info@stenrudstrom.com


Fooling Time, a 7 day Action Theater ™ instant composition & embodied voice intensive ensemble training, gives you the skills to improvise with clear, decisive action. Connecting body, breath and voice, you begin improvising on the first day and continue to build ensemble performance skills each and everyday. You learn to contribute to the on-going liveliness of each improvisation, to trust yourself, your partners and your intuition. Essential tools for clarity & commitment on stage and sharp performances.


Skills included how to:
connect text with the body
inspire the voice via movement and vice versa
support & enhance your partners' work
add punch to the ensemble
when/where to enter & exit
generate the most impact
when/where to stop moving, change body level, shape & facing
shift or transform frames
compose by bringing back material
copying, bulking & shadowing






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