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24. bis 26.10.2018 Beat Body Balladry  
A workshop with Ayam and Hannah  
10.00 bis 15.00 Uhr im DOCK 11 Saal3  

Beat Body Balladry

Beat Body Balladry

24.-26.10.2018, 10-15 Uhr

DOCK 11,

Kastanienallee 79, 10435 Berlin, Saal 3

Info/Registration: ayam44854485@gmail.com


Beat Body Balladry is a workshop based on the practices of improvisation and instant composition in the context of movement, sound, and text. We will create an individual and collective language, that will serve us in the compositional work. Together as a group, we are looking at how to become a moving sound system, a body based music composition.
The week-long process will culminate in a performative showing (open to the public). This workshop is open to dancers, performance artists, singers, poets, actors, and anything in between. This is an experimental frame. We want to expand the possibilities of our practice.

Ayam is emphasizing on breathwork, movement qualities, sounding/voicing, phrasing, tracking, embodying musicality, learning how to develop strategies of developing our movement materials, working with decision making, precision and presence.

Hannah will be focusing on influencing the body with language; How does language create the emotional body, and how can that create movement qualities. Through various movement and language explorations, we will find different ways to have a conversation with both the body and poetry simultaneously. Working with abstract conversations, language content, rhyme & alliteration, layering, touch, space, and gesture/texture.

Beat body balladry
Bounty of beauty
Fat flesh spread, held
Together by needle and thread
Living in loops
Breaking to be the
Balladry of dirty laundry
Believing every
Silverware spine
It’s rusting, these
vertebral rhymes
Falling forks and knives
Kitchen sink beats
Dancing as if the skin never eats
Falling as if bones shaped by leaves
Of these structural trees
Breathe body breathe

Poem by Hannah Kiel


Ayam is an independent dance and voice performer, choreographer, and teacher based in Berlin. She has been giving professional training for dance and body awareness with a somatic approach for the past 10 years in places such as Dock 11, Tanzfabrik, Leipzig Tanz Theater, and more. Her biggest fascination in the work is the relationship between music, dance, and healing practices. Since 2013, Ayam is developing and creating her own work, exploring improvisation in different media. she works as a guest dancer, singer and vocalist in different productions, and collaborates with dancers, singers, musicians, and performers from interdisciplinary backgrounds. She has worked for choreographers in dance pieces, improvisation performances, concerts, and different productions around Germany and Europe. She studied, worked and collaborated artists such as Christine Bonansea Saulut, Sandra Man and Moritz Majce, Maya M. Carroll, Julyen Hamilton, Yoriko Maeno, Jagna Anderson, Jadi Carboni, Yael Orni, and more.

Hannah is a performer, a dancer, a poet, and massage therapist. She has been performing professionally as a dancer in choreographed works, as well as her own work since 2012. She has been collaborating with musicians, poets, and actors since 2015. Her work in the healing arts has deeply influenced her approach to life, dance, and teaching. A recent transplant to Berlin, she moved here because she couldn’t say goodbye to the Berlin Spoken Word community. As a dancer, she has worked with and been influenced by Katie Duck, Lali Ayguade & Guilhem Chatir, Rakesh Sukesh, Nina Watt, Molly Heller, Eric Handman, Daniel Clifton, A’Keitha Carey, Fara Tolno, and more. She is currently developing her own work in research on lucid dreaming and how that influences the art making process.




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