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06. bis 31.08.2018 Motimaru Dance Company  
1month Butoh Workshop & Performance Creation "Everything&Nothing"  
im EDEN***** Studio1  

Motimaru Dance Company

Motimaru Dance Company

- Dates: 6th August - 31th August 2018
(Mon.-Fri. 6 hours everyday + 1st &2nd Sept final showing as a part of a performance series "Mirrors")

- Venue: EDEN Studios (Breite Str. 43, 13187, Berlin), Studio 150.1.

- Fee: 1080 euro / 980 euro if registered before 30th June / 880 euro if registered before 31st May

- Reservation & Info: info@motimaru.net

100,000 years ago, when Homo sapiens emerged on this planet, the frst human art has emerged in the dark cave,
where eyes cannot see. What they were seeing with the eyes of the body-mind is the depth of our unconscious. Times
change, but this must be a fundamental principle of human art.
Our everyday life passes, eating, working, or dancing, within a limited cage, burying rich nature within us. Educations,
traditions, or even learning dance could mold various forms of cages. Free improvisation could also end up struggling
in the same cage. But when we observe forests carefully, so many varieties of forms and qualities of plants, fowers,
stones, winds, and sounds astonish us. This workshop is an invitation for diving into the unknown forest of our bodymind,
discovering unlimited movements and textures within us, and transforming the personal journey into universal

There will be also talking and video screening of direct feldwork researches on butoh and traditional and ritual dances
of Bali, south India, Tibet, and Japan.

* The workshop is addressed to professional performers and artists from any discipline as well as non professionals,
whoever is interested in the principles of body-mind-space that lies behind any kind of creations.


First two weeks: Basic trainings
Last two weeks: Creation of solo/group performances

① Whitening (Returning to a neutral body-mind)
- Yoga Asana
- Body-scanning
- Space-expansion

② Basic movements (Discovering the maximum intensity of small simple movements)
- Standing
- Walking
- Twisting
- Standing and sinking
- Falling and re-standing
- Creation of body parts (hands, eyes, back, arms, legs)

③ Metamorphose (Discovering the unlimited diversity of different qualities of the body-mind-space)

③ -1 Physical Level
- Different textures of body

③ -2 Meta-physical Level
- Embodying visual images (paintings, video arts, natural elements)
- Embodying sounds

④ Creating a performance (Discovering how to transform personal journey into universal poem on the stage)
- Duo/group play
- Inner process of building solo/group performances (materials and scores)
- Time (continuity, fow, discontinuity, suspension...)
- Minimal and maximal polarities
- Relationship with music, objects, and costumes
- Coming into the space, disappearing from the space
- Composition and structured improvisation

"Everything and Nothing"
video poetry from Motimaru 1month Workshop

Video of general Motimaru workshop:

One of Motimaru's recent performance Twilight:

About Motimaru:
Motimaru is a dance company founded in Tokyo by Motoya Kondo and Tiziana Longo, based in Berlin since 2010. After
they trained for 5 years at the Kazuo Ohno Dance Studio, studying and working as dancers and assistants of Yoshito
Ohno – a son of Kazuo Ohno, they left Japan and have started feldwork research about traditional and ritual dances in
Japan, India, Bali, and Tibetan area in Nepal.
Motimaru defne dance as a way to experience deeper reality of our existence and are experimenting to create a new
authentic dance method beyond any genre.
They performed in the fnale of the Marathon of the Unexpected at Venezia Biennale 2010, the fnal of the 9th
International Choreography Competition “No Ballet” 2014, Luckytrimmer2016, etc. and have been performing and
teaching in Europe, Asia, Australia in over 30 cities.



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