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24. bis 25.03.2018 Intuition  
with Bonnie Buckner  
11.00 bis 17.00 Uhr im EDEN***** Villa  



24.+25. March 2018
Time: Saturday and Sunday 11.00 - 17.00 (lunch break: 14.00-15.00)

To book a place write: nnoowwiicckkaa@gmail.com 

Place: EDEN, Breite Strasse 43, 13187 Berlin
Yogaraum Villa

Price: 140 EUR / 10 hours of workshop
(Early bird: 120 EUR; pay until the end of February) 


Do you know who you are? What does it mean to think for yourself, and what happens when you do?

Inside each of us is a True Self with a True, Clear Voice. Called In-Tuition, or Dreaming, it is often pushed to the side, or simply not heard, with all the competing voices of family and friends, society, media, expectations, and other such noise. When we aren't in touch with our In-Tuition we often have difficulty making decisions, relating with others, and finding our path in life. When we are in touch, we have the capacity to go to places we didn't know possible for ourselves.

This experiential workshop teaches you how to reconnect with your In-Tuition - that Inner Teacher that is constantly available to guide us through challenges and obstacles to our greatest development. We will do series of short imagery exercises, dreaming, and interactive games to put you in relationship with your In-Tuition and explore using it. Get ready to go deep and have fun!

Bonnie Buckner, PhD, author of Dream Your Self into Being, teaches dreaming and imagery techniques for inner development and to stimulate creativity. She works with individuals, artists, social-change professionals, and change-focused organizations around the world. Former adjunct lecturer for Fielding Graduate University’s Media Psychology and Social Change program, her academic work centers on the study and use of images as cognitive tools for behavioral change and as the means by which we build communities, society, and culture. At the basis of her dreaming work is over 15 years study of a kabbalistic approach to dreaming and imagery.






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