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14. bis 15.04.2018 the SEED intensive workshop  
dance improvisation, Alexander Technique, live music with Georgia Paizi and Thodoris Ziarkas  
10.00 bis 15.00 Uhr im DOCK 11 Saal2  

the SEED intensive workshop

the SEED intensive workshop


Sat 14 April, 10am - 3pm, & Sun 15 April, 10am - 3pm

Place: DOCK 11, Kastanienallee 79, 10435 Berlin, Saal 2

DURING THIS INTENSIVE Georgia & Thodoris will be also offering one-on-one Alexander Technique sessions in DOCK 11.
WORKSHOP 70euro (50euro students, unemployed, low-income)
WORKSHOP & ALEXANDER TECHNIQUE PRIVATE SESSION bundle 90euro (70euro students, unemployed, low-income)
single ALEXANDER TECHNIQUE PRIVATE SESSION 40euro (30euro students, unemployed, low-income)

BOOKING for WORKSHOP & LESSONs please contact Georgia on contact@georgiapaizi.com

In this weekend intensive workshop we are going to investigate improvisation as bare technique, working with the Alexander Technique principles, anatomical imagery, metaphor, and site-responsive practice (tropism), towards psychophysical unity and effortless emergence of movement, embodied awareness in the performing condition, and the shared auditory experience of being seen.

The SEED project is an ongoing collaboration (often adopting new names and taking new trajectories) between AT practitioners, dance-artist Georgia Paizi & musician Thodoris Ziarkas, inspired by the poetic literalism of the human body. Mapping the overlapping landscapes of movement & music improvisation, the SEED sessions involve improvisation dance practice (guided through anatomical imagery and AT principles), hands-on work in partners, and scores for improvisation and choreography. Some of the experiential anatomy materials will be informed by Georgia’s recent explorations in anatomy & physiology (College of Cranial Sacral Therapy, foundation course), while the choreographic score shall have a responsive quality inspired by Authentic Movement.

ALEXANDER TECHNIQUE is an indispensable toolkit to a performer's and an athlete's practice, as well as a holistic approach to dealing with pain, anxiety and the everydayness, whether you work with your hands, or seated in an office, you carry a baby, suffer from a chronic condition, or feel you could make better use of your energy in your everyday life. Unconscious postural and movement patterns that we develop early through our education and later through our professional life, as well as the embodiment and physical expression of our emotions and character, interfere with the natural organization of the body, restricting performance, and causing misuse of energy, pain, discomfort and anxiety. The Alexander Technique retrieves natural posture and freedom in movement, contributing to wellbeing and psychophysical balance, coordination and ease in movement and stillness.

GEORGIA PAIZI is a dance artist and seasonal artisan, working within the interlocks of movement, artefact & text. Currently based in London/UK & Athens/GR, Georgia makes, writes, and teaches dance, the Alexander Technique, and experiential anatomy. Georgia is an artist member of Chisenhale Dance Space, and a teacher member of the Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique. She studied dance with the Independent Dance (MA Creative Practice - Dance Professional Practice, Gill Clarke Bursary), trained as an Alexander Technique teacher (mSTAT, LCATT), and studied anatomy & physiology (BCOM/CCST) in London, as well as architecture theory (MA Architecture & Spatial Design, NTUA) and scenography (BA Theatre Studies, UoP) in Greece.

THODORIS ZIARKAS is a double bassist and composer involved in jazz, improvisation & folk music, in his last term of training as an Alexander Technique teacher (LCATT, London). Thodoris plays since the age of ten, including the lyra, electric base & double bass. Thodoris studied Jazz at Middlesex University (BA) with Chris Batchelor, Nikki Iles, Stuart Hall, Rob Townsend, and Riaan Vosloo. As well as leading his own quintet, Valia Calda, his collaborations in UK and Europe include the London Improvisers Orchestra, Blam! Quartet, Michalis Kouloumis, No Clear Mind, and Olcay Bahir.




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