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18.12.2017 bis 25.01.2018 SOUND and LIGHT  
two workshops with Alice Nardi  
10.00 bis 14.00 Uhr im EDEN***** Studio1  



First workshop: Vision 
18/22 December 2017 10,00am to 14,00pm

Second workshop: Soundscape

22/25 January 2018. 10,00am to 14,00pm

Both workshops will take place in

Breite Strasse 43
13187 Berlin Pankow

In order to participate write a fiew lines of interest or send your cv at




a visual and sonic perception of the happening

for a new a geography of being

Two combined workshops will approach two themes playing a special role in dynamic perception.

The first workshop will investigate space and what our inner places can generate in terms of light color zoom
The second workshop, instead, will explore spatial architecture created by sound and the connection with inner relations and kinesthetic informations, through time and rhythm.

Interventions of a sound designer is planned during the second workshop.

Workshops can be taken singularly or together.
All levels welcome, preferably for the entire duration.


skin let be seen,
eyes localize,
mind visualizes
body observes

The workshop aims to develop a transformative sense of poetry and placement, giving a big role to the process of envisioning space, in different constellations,
discovering a new and intimate geography of conception.

Dynamical exercises, both individual and collective, will bring the group into the practise of phrasing in real time choreography, paying a special attention on how to make room and carry our self through the dance making process.
An overview on gaze, while dancing and practicing muscular exercises, on watching the surroundings and let it enter our horizon of trajectories, will open inner lights in our system.
A eye on perception and proprioception to sharpen compositional skills and melt the dynamic mind with what’s fictitious, what exists and what’s emanated.

sound architecture into aliveness

"The expressive moment is that point in time when we grasp a situation and respond quickly, even before we are aware of it.”
Marc Leman

Through different element of physicality we will explore how sound fields create duration, tone and accent and how they achieve body landscapes in terms of qualities, tonicity and possibilities. How sequentiality and fluidity begin to take shape, vitality and construction.will deepen different echoes of resonance and emission where physicality occurs our intimate proportions.
Musicality, puntualisation and accents will groove into our personal time reaction and speedway. While Realising Techniques and Biodynamics will dive as into our deepest calm to reveal visionary ranges and orient imagination into the given space.

Touch & rhythm synchronize with what thought / all through which the movers orchestra develop awareness and alertness, encouraging flow and bodily wisdom as a pathway to choice making and performance.

Alice Nardi is a performing artist active between Germany Italy and Europe. Devoted to martial arts since childhood, started practicing a vast array of physical practices at the age of four, such as ballet, karate, and lately contact improvisation, contemporary dance, physical theater, to pursued further her own research on instant composition.
From the fusion of these elements, she developed her artistic path, melting different interests from visual arts to physics and biological systems.

She performs through site installations and collaborate with various musicians, dancers and artists.





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