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09. bis 30.06.2017 Making the Mind and Body a Tool for Performance Composition  
Lead by Mindora Duchamp  
im DOCK 11 Saal3  

Making the Mind and Body a Tool for Performance Composition

Making the Mind and Body a Tool for Performance Composition

9 bis 11 June, 28 bis 30 June 2017
Level: everyone
Language:: English

Mindora will teach improvisational and choreographic composition to deepen our awareness and explore our technical potential as well as our imaginative impulses in order to create an uninhibited process of dynamic energy-flow with intensity of feeling.
Based on the principle of release work technique the workshop will provide the pathways to develop and coordinate movement with dialogue/sound/storytelling/game
The aim is to exchange and share our experiences in time and space interactively with each other and the public.

Mindora is an international, independent choreographer since 1988. She is based
in Berlin since 2015 and has created a choreography with four dancers -The Rough
Romantics and a solo improvisation, I'm a Pisces. Both works have been showcased
in Berlin/Paris/Hamburg. 74Mindora has taught and trained dancers her own method
at the Tanzfabriik Uferstudio over the last two years.
Link YouTube Rough Romantics  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LqiK2akvHhI

Mindoras Arbeit umfasst Design, Performance, Szenografie und Choreografie. Ihre Ausbildung erhielt sie an der LSCD, dem Laban Dance Center und der Arts Educational in London. Gründete sie die Company MINDORA mit dem Ziel ihr Wissen an die jüngere Generation weiterzugeben und die starren Regeln klassischer Tanzausbildungen sowie Genregrenzen aufzubrechen. Zu Mindoras Lehrern für Anatomic Release Technique und Kontaktimprovisation gehörten Steve Paxton, Patricia Kuypers und David Hamilton.

Date /Time/Fee

Block 1 Friday June 9, Saturday June 10, Sunday June 11
150 € - 3 days *120€ paid in advance (early bird)
100€- 2 days 50€ -1 day

Block 2 Wednesday June 28, Thursday June 29, Friday June 30
10am - 3pm
160€ 3 days *130€ paid in advance (early bird)
120€ —2 days 60€ - 1 day

310 euros for both Blocks - *250 euros

*Paid in advance by May 26th

Please send an email of interest with bio to  minnie.duch@gmail.com  to confirm your date(s)
You will receive an email with a request to pay 50 euros to reserve your place in the workshop
Block 1 - The balance of the payment is due Friday June 5th
Block 2 - The balance is due by Friday June 23rd


Place: DOCK 11, Saal 3
Kastanienallee 79 ++ 10435 Berlin + Prenzlauer Berg




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