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01.05.2017 Liquid Body – Hard Stuff  
with Felix Ruckert  
12.00 bis 18.00 Uhr im DOCK 11 Saal1  

 Liquid Body – Hard Stuff

Liquid Body – Hard Stuff

1. Mai 2017 / 12.00 - 18.00

Place: DOCK 11, Kastanienallee 79, 10435 Berlin, Saal 1

Price: 60.- EUR / ermässigt 40.- EUR

Registation: jana.felixruckert@gmx.de


“This afternoon we will dance, act and maybe sing together, alone, in pairs and in groups. We will enjoy each other’s presence and the pleasure that is produced when people feel free to openly communicate and play with each other...!”

Felix’ workshops are genuine fusions of dance, theatre, song, talk and action, evolving in rather unpredictable ways, asking radical questions and challenging the limits of body/mind and soul/spirit.

Often they also provide moments of clarity, joy and liberation. Sensuality and reflection intertwine, inner and outer movement combine, teaching, learning and performing melt into each other creating a single and unique experience. All impulses are welcome and the participants are encouraged to fully and freely explore and expand their physical, emotional and mental potential.

After a career as a dancer and choreographer Felix started to investigate sexuality as a creative impulse and to introduce the sexual body into dance. Today his main occupation is a politics of re-enchantement, investigating and teaching tools for personal empowerment and uninhibited creativity.

More: www.felixruckert.de



Felix Ruckert is a dancer, choreographer, and conceptual artist.

He worked as a dancer with several renowned European companies (amongst them Tanztheater Wuppertal / Pina Bausch), before concentrating on choreography and conceptual work. His experimental dance pieces and installations, his participatory work, but also his choreographies for ballet companies earned him an international reputation as an innovative and controversial contemporary choreographer.

For 40 years he has been interested in all sort of body practices. He studied ballet, modern and contemporary dance, Improvisation, Feldenkrais, Yoga, Chi Kung, Tantra, Kyudo and much more. He is also a master of Kinbaku – Japanese rope bondage. For the last twenty years he has been involved in a practical and theoretical investigation of BDSM (Bondage&Discipline/ Dominance&Submisson/ Sadism&Masochism) and explores connections between BDSM techniques and artistic practices developing an art and philosophy of sensual communication.

He curates the annual festival xplore in Berlin and its extensions in other european cities, as well as the EURIX, a bi-annual festival dedicated to the promotion of Kinbaku – Japanese Rope Bondage in Europe.



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