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07. bis 09.04.2017 Music/Performance & Light/Performance Workshop  
with Katie Duck and Emese Csornai  
11.00 bis 15.00 Uhr im DOCK 11 Saal3  

Music/Performance & Light/Performance Workshop

Music/Performance & Light/Performance Workshop

With Katie Duck Music/Performance Friday April 7

Emese Csornai and Katie Duck Light/Performance Saturday and Sunday April 8 and 9.

Place: DOCK 11, Kastanienallee 79, 10435 Berlin, Theater

You are welcomed to register for one day, two days or three days. €70 One day, €120 Two days, €150 the full 3 day weekend


Now in my 60’s, I have been teaching workshops independent internationally and in the Arts University systems for 35 years. In my independent workshop I take a microscopic view on the role improvisation plays in the creation of a live performance combining my background in the performing arts with a curiosity for cultural studies and advances in brain studies.

During the week of April 3 to 9 I will be at the Dock 11 Theater space in rehearsal with Sharon Smith (Gob Squad) and Emese Csornai (light designer) towards a real time performance project “Abandon Person”. I have designed an Improvisation weekend in two two multi disciplinary workshops : Music/Performance and Light/Performance.


April 7 Friday Katie Duck Music/Performance 11:00-15:00.

"The second two hours I have invited Hilary Jeffery to work with the performers live".


Throughout my career I have worked with music artists who share my passion for collaborating music, text and movement using improvisation as the means to combine art forms and execute real time compositions for performance. In my music/performance workshop, I will use models from brain studies to question how sound effects body action, how to objectify yet remain engaged in how we can track music and sound, how space is captured by the power of sonic (it doesn’t love you back). The first two hours I will use games, exercises and sessions with my own repertoire of music studies (recorded). The second two hours I will invite a live musician, from the pool of musicians who live in Berlin and whom I have worked with in the past. A microphone will be available for the performers to experiment with text or sound. My main aim is to encourage the dancer and performers to work as composers with sound.

Price: €70

register: katie@katieduck.com



April 8 and 9 Saturday and Sunday Emese Csornai and Katie Duck Light / Performance 11:00-15:00. 


I met Emese in Amsterdam. We worked on several real time projects together. When I tour, I create my own own light designs for my solo and group pieces. However, when there is the rare possibility to collaborate with a light designer who has an ability and understanding for how to shift lights in real time, it is always a joy to welcome this collaboration.

Emese’s is a visual artist. She views a performance with an eye for the space versus the less sophisticated task of lighting figures in space. Her work demands an awareness from the performer to deal with new visual imperatives as an important element for how the piece evolves in real time. She is sharing the responsibility of composing giving a rich texture to a performance that allows for the performers to broaden their understanding of possibilities. She has an enormous access for how she chooses her light designs using standard theater lighting equipment alongside slides, film and shadow.

This workshop is to encourage dancers, choreographers and performers to bring their practice with real time performance towards a meaningful collaboration with light designer. Real time performance is a challenging art-form. When it is dealt with sincerely, inclusive of light design, real time performance elevates the live theater to it’s highest potential. This demands from the performers a high level of openness and collaborative capabilities, and an increased capability of decision-making. Such high exposure of presence cannot be accompanied with a mediocre staging. It is necessary to include stage lighting as a potent and equal element of play. This workshop will include discussions with Emese and I about language and technical options with light design, alongside session work in the theater with light design. In these sessions, can take opportunity to place our practice viewing from the public view point, sitting with Emese on the board and in physical creations with light in the theater space. Feedback and discussions will revolve around shifts, effects and tension that are interactive between light, body, performance.

€120 Two days, €70 One day. 

Register: katie@katieduck.com


Payment made out to Stichting Magpie / Bank: ING Amsterdam / Bank address – Kinkerstraat 130a, 1053EE, Amsterdam / Bank account number (same as the IBAN code): NL22INGB0009476524 / BIC: INGBNL2A 



Katie Duck Bio:

I am a performer maker and teacher since the early 1970’s. I have placed improvisation as an intricate element in how to compose and perform with musicians, dancers and actors internationally for 30 years. My career has included independent teaching, university teaching, set choreography’s, structured improvisations, music and dance real time performances and live streaming international performances. My collaborations have been with musicians, visual artists, lighting designers, dancers, actors and comedians. I have initiated courses, workshops, festivals and monthly performance series in her three bases Italy, England and Holland. I have led dance companies, dance/music companies, written text for my performances as well as critical articles. I am determined to continue my research in theater, music, dance, text and performance. Alongside vocational studies, I have conducted research in social studies, cultural studies and brain studies. I believe that my research must not be validated by academic speak alone but rather by my insistence to take part in my chosen practice of live theater in no matter what country or period of time I am living in.

Emese Csornai Bio:

I am a theatre professional with a visual art background mainly specialised in installation, performance and light design. I studied architecture in Budapest and got a bachelor of audiovisual arts at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam in 2009. Having moved from Budapest to Amsterdam, I had a fascination for layering, light and shadow which led me first to shadow installations and later, through a series of dance-related installations and a light design practice and, with an interest in composition, 3D and subtractive colour scales. This research started my study in theatre light design. Now I am since 9 years working in theater and with dance groups, and creating pieces, giving workshops on the moving body in relation to space.I am currently researching the psychological aspects of space and representation of different spaces.


Hilary Jeffery Bio:

I have been working as a musician since the early ’90s and describes himself as a “desert trombonist” after my journey to the Sahara in 1990, accompanied by a trombone. I believe that the sense of silent-space experienced during this desert journey is a central and sustaining influence for my music. As a musician my aim is to share this experience, creating inner-space for listeners and fellow musicians to explore. 



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