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16. bis 17.02.2017 CUERPO PRESENTE: The inner Beast  
By Alexander Carrillo  
10.30 bis 15.00 Uhr im EDEN***** Studio1  

CUERPO PRESENTE: The inner Beast

CUERPO PRESENTE: The inner Beast



Date, time and prices:
16th and 17th February 2017– (9 Hours)
10:30 - 15:00 Each day

70 Euros
Early pay before 6 of Fenbruary
60 Euros


Registration under:
lexfre@gmail.com / info@alexande-carrillo.com


EDEN, Breite Strasse 43, 13187 Berlin, Studio 150.1.


CUERPO PRESENTE: The inner Beast'.
- PERFORMATIVE STATES THROUGH MOVEMENT - A way of gaining knowledge and self-awareness through your body.
By Alexander Carrillo


Human beings are constantly searching for goals and objectives that may be influenced by different physical states, which can be altered again. We are in this constant search in life to pursue or find a way to continue. There is a clear connection between finding our own path, our relationships and our daily actions. Rational control, trance, presence, resonance, stillness, awareness and ‘group discussions’ will be key elements to focus on during the sessions. Together with the creation process we will frame it in an actual social context. The methodology is based in different group and individual situations, tools that help the body expressing itself and beginning a journey into a physical development. During the journey it is possible to identify emotions and themes, what are consciously transformed in performative states, physical risk and mental practices. It is not just an improvisation; it is a conscious laboratory work using improvisation as a technical tool. The session will be combined with other movement techniques and challenging tasks.

Base in the ‘CUERPO PRESENTE: The inner Beast', A contemporary dance technique and practice. Movement dance & Research composition for all.

"I believe today´s world needs art to heal, needs art to heal our bodies from our souls. Art as a tool of transformation. From our inner feeling and sensations. From our inner beast, being present. With a conscience practice. (Is not easy - for sure is fun). Then there is not past to regret of, there is not present to be disappointed of or future to be worry about. Just moments of learning. Moments of understand our own world, our inner beast, and our own life. So long, we can share and maybe understand others world life.
A present to life and future to create."

These meetings are for all levels and are open to bodies and ideas in different fields. Dancers, performers, workers, engineers, stripers, lovers and … are invited, not movement background required. Is required to have passion to explore the body, the own possibilities, frustrations and the fact of being alive:

'CUERPO PRESENTE: THE INNER BEAST' aims to help participants in a better process their organic inner sensations - listening and feeling the present moment - present them externally in clear forms, and through tasks, focus their attention in the ‘natural’ character of their movements, authenticity and conscience.

Participants are guiding through their own experiences to perceive consciously the vital moment, and integrate their bodies and minds with time and space simultaneously.

In a complement with the life as a tool of work practice. Next to the body, being a wild - animal in an emotional path.

This meeting ends with individual or group practices of instant composition, following proposed rules as scenography guidelines training, from the dialogues or agreements established during each sessions. In an instant composition of what we being explore.

Alexander explores the body from different perspectives of contemporary dance techniques, and emotional states. As a support, a background in Colombian Folklore and Afro-contemporary. Creative techniques (awareness, improvisation and composition). Theatre, Qigong and Kung Fu. Alexander has taught ‘CUERPO PRESENTE: The Inner Beast’ since 2013 in Belgium, Spain, Colombia, Mexico and Germany.

More about Alexander and bio:

Alexander explore the body from perspectives of dance contemporary techniques, and emotional states. As a support the background in Colombian Folklore, Afro-contemporary. Creative techniques (awareness, improvisation and composition). Theatre, Qigong and Kung Fu.
He´s being teaching ‘CUERPO PRESENTE: The Inner Beast’ in Belgian, Colombia, Mexico and Berlin.

“Whilst growing up in Bogota, my identity was influenced by the customs, traditions, and cultures of the farmers and native Colombian tribes. Parting from these influences, my proposal, research and develop: ‘How traditional and native customs in South America influences contemporary western societies and cultures’. Since moving to Europe, 7 years ago, I have experienced different cultures, and during this time developed questions I wish to explore physical and artistically, such as: What are the personal changes that are reflected in a performativity and social context? How can I research ancestral culture knowledge, the beliefs, communication, social organization, etc., and their relationships in traditional and contemporary cultures? How can I use my cultural background to generate art that critiques the society I am currently living in? How can I include the teachings of my ancestral cultures in the context of contemporary culture? How my daily life in Europe changes all what I describe and do?

Since 2006 I have been enmeshed in my personal artistic research. Looking at concepts of “The Ugly” and “The Role of the Audience in Performing Arts”, I have invented various “games” to disrupt the physical and emotional state of participants and their critical perspectives.
In addition, I have been working with the aesthetics of events in ceremony and parties. It is my interest to see what stimulates the audience’s instinctive and creative criticism towards inclusion- gender and social context. Through these gatherings I explore elements of inner beauty including: sensations, feelings, and emotions. I called this research ‘Aesthetic of the Ugly and the Audience’.

As conclusion for me the mix of art&life ”

www.vimeo.com/alexandercarrillo / www.alexander-carrillo.com


Bio German - English

Dancer/ Choreograph & Creator/ Performer

Alexander Carrillo ist ein kolumbianischer Künstler, wohnhaft in Berlin. Er ist Tänzer, Choreograph und Produzent. Der Schwerpunkt seiner künstlerischen Auseinandersetzung liegt in der Reflexion des 'hässlichen’ und grotesken des Menschen als Spiegel der Realität. Er hinterfragt die gängige Definition von 'Schönheit‘ und die Rolle des Zuschauers in den darstellenden Künsten. In seinen derzeitigen Arbeiten untersucht Alexander Carrillo den Einfluss indigener Traditionen und Bräuche auf die westliche Gesellschaft. Anhand einer zeitgenössischen Sichtweise und unter Berücksichtigung der historischen Zusammenhänge, nähert er sich persönlichen, sozialen und politischen Aspekten durch eine interdisziplinäre Herangehensweise. Ausgehend von dem Wesen unverfälschter Rituale bis hin zu den Sinnbildern der heutigen Mode- und Popkultur.

Alexander Carillo studierte Tanz an der University of Art ASAB in Bogota - Kolumbien, in der Folkwang Pina Bausch University in Essen - Deutschland und nahm Teil an dem Erasmus Programm der‚‘ArtEZ’ University in Arnhem - Niederlanden. Er entwickelt zudem offene Plattformen für Künstler unterschiedlichster Disziplinen in denen er das Publikum auf eine spontane und teilnehmenden Art in seine Arbeiten einbindet. So eröffnete er unter anderem das‚ DREIZIG Festival in Berlin und die weltweit gezeigte DASEIN Serie.

Im Verlauf seiner professionellen Karriere arbeitete Carillo für verschiedene gefeierte und vielbeachtete Choreographen und Tanzkompanien wie zum Beispiel Stella Zannou, Jerome Bell, Marina Abramovic, Allora&Calzadilla, Malou Airaudo, Rodolpho Leoni Charles Vodoz, Tino Fernandez, Carlos Maria, Mark Sieczkerek, Henrieta Horn, Reinhard Schiele und Cie. Fors Works of Denmark, Cie. Toula Limnaios, Theater Der Klänge, Deutsche Oper am Rhein, Art Collective Estereotips.






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