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16. bis 19.11.2015 Performing: SPACE Emotional space - sonic space - architectural space  
with Emese Csornai and Gabor Csongradi  
10.00 bis 15.00 Uhr im DOCK 11 Saal3  

Performing: SPACE Emotional space - sonic space - architectural space

Performing: SPACE Emotional space - sonic space - architectural space


This 4 days workshop is analysing instant composition and different spacial aspects of a performance. Through improvisation-based tasks, different strategies are offered for perceiving and interpreting space. 

With live music and the help of an overhead projector we decompose scenes of improvisational tasks until we find the space issue, and reverse: provide tools with the space aspect to perform in a new state of wholeness.
The work is aimed to develop a flow of contextual awareness through sonic and visual tasks. Our workshop is helpful for professional dancers in analysing one’s own practice and finding new performing strategies.


Dates: 16th-19th November 15, 10 am - 3 pm
Place: DOCK 11, Kastanienallee 79, 10435 Berlin, Saal 3 (2. yard, groundfloor)
Contact / Registration: info@emesecsornai.com


Emese Csornai is a Hungarian visual artist and light designer, active in the field of installation and performance. She works in theater, specially keen on dance productions in the last 8 years.
She has studied architecture at the technical university of Budapest, and audiovisual arts at the Gerrit Rietveld Academie in Amsterdam, where she received a bachelor of fine arts in 2009. Alongside her academic studies, she has expanded in a self-study of light design. She has developed her approach towards staged arts combining her two studies in the Mono collective, an ongoing joint study with Silvia Bennett.
Emese is a director of dance performances, light designer and dramaturgical support in others. She has been accompanying Monday Match improvisation lab (Amsterdam) as a light designer for 9 seasons. She has co-directed The Pool improvisation sessions with Silvia Bennett and Margherita Rashid Landi in Amsterdam and Florence, and ‘Images in motion’ workshop in Amsterdam. She has conducted ‘My body of thoughts in space’ and ‘Drop, yet sea’ workshops too, and to ‘Impromptu about light ‘workshop to an improvisation theater group.
Emese has worked together with Julyen Hamilton, Katie Duck, Kenzo Kusuda, Alexandra Bachzetsis, Michael Portnoy, Michael Schumacher, Lou Coupe, Alfredo Genovesi, Marek Jason Isleib, Sabine Moenaar, Lily Kiara, Miri Lee, Manuela Tessi, Georgi Sztojanov and others. She has been working with Gabor Csongradi in several projects since 2011.


Gabor Csongradi started his studies in classical music from age of 8 and studied on guitar from age of 17. He finished the Jazz faculty at Franz Liszt Academy of Music in 2008. After following his master studies at Conservatorium van Amsterdam he graduated in 2010, and extended his studies about improvisation techniques based on South Indian classical music.
Next to performing and composing in jazz constellations, he performs occasionally in pieces by contemporary composers, such as Georgi Sztojanov, Erno Zoltan Rubik, Anthony Dunstan, took part as performer and arranger in two other opera projects by Halasto association, and recently he composed choir music for the promotion of KEJ Festival 2015.
Apart from being active in jazz and contemporary music, in 2011 he began to play improvised sessions with dancers, combining acoustic sounds and live electronics, and from 2012 he produces improvised or composed music for dance pieces. In 2014 he participated in leading workshops about dance , music and visuals improvisation as part of The Pool research in Amsterdam and Florence. In the end of last year he moved his base to Berlin.





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