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07. bis 08.03.2015 Words in Performance  
with Billie Hanne  
11.00 bis 17.00 Uhr im DOCK 11 Saal1  

Words in Performance

Words in Performance

Words in Performance take root in space and time. They live through and inside the space, they resound with and through body and voice.
A word is a ritual. A word is full of past and a word breathes future. In performance a word speaks from the place from where it is being produced. This means from the actual place in the body as well as from the precise place in space.

Words in Performance focusses on where and how the dancer places words and movement together in improvised compositions. On how voice and dance fall into the same place in the imagination and make sense as one complete entity. It suggests thinking about voice and text in a three-dimensional way and allows the dancing body to be a dynamic place where words take form in the dancers physicality and are born from movement.


Billie Hanne is a dancer and a poet based in Brussels (BE).
Since 2009 she has been performing with Allen's Line, the Julyen Hamilton Company, where poetry and dance are given an underneath and an above, a beyond and a far distance through the concrete reality of making dance performance in a theatre setting. Allen's Line has recurrently performed in Berlin, Brussels, Paris, and also in Strasbourg and Oslo.
In 2012 she started The Wheel. In The Wheel she threads her poetic world with voice and movement, with tongue and body. Through this radical handling of text and dance performance is being made. So far The Wheel has created five pieces, Minor Arcana, HORSE/MOIST, Hamlet in Palace, Nature and Johnny on the Run. The Wheel has performed in London, Brussels, Amsterdam and Rotterdam and its newest piece Map of Antarctica which has played in Brussels and travelled to Berlin in the summer.
As a teacher she has a thorough understanding of composition in dance as well as of the relationship word and body in composition. She has taught mainly in Brussels, Berlin and Amsterdam. She has also been assistant to Julyen Hamilton in teaching the Allen's Line work in many dance centres in Europe (Berlin, Oslo, Paris, Strasbourg, Brussels, London, …)


When: Sat March 07 2015 + Sun March 08 2015 - from 11h to 17h

Where: DOCK11 Saal 1, Kastanienallee 79, 10435 Berlin

Who: professional dancers and performers wanting to enrich their performance skills

How: send short motivation letter + cv to billiehanne@gmail.com

Price: 80euro (early booking until February 25: 70euro)

Payment to be made to: G&B vzw
IBAN: BE79 9730 8878 4033





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