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with Tamas Geza Moricz  
10.00 bis 17.00 Uhr im EDEN***** Studio1  


The 'Forsythe Improvisation Technologies' are a way of working with movement that William Forsythe and the Ballet Frankfurt used to develop their work. It uses Improvisational Modalities as tools to generate a higher quality of dance.

This one week workshop will give you knowledge on how to use these ideas and improvise clear and articulate movement. It will also help you to make better use of your already existing dance knowledge.

The workshop will lead to a better sense of your moving body.

You will learn how to use velocity, how to use your body's weight and it's impulses for your own benefit. How to go off and recapture balance. How to allow for happenstances and use their effect to create a more interesting improvisation. You will bring yourself to new discoveries in your physicality and reach a greater clarity and grace while dancing.

At the beginning we will learn Improvisational Modalities such as Bridging, Inversions, Transparencies, Inclinations, Dropping points, U-ing, CZ's, Brushing, Isometries, Point-Point-Line, Cross-Hemispheric, Spherical exercises, etc.

These ideas will generate complex movements and better your sense of coordination. They will free you from repeating habitual movement patterns and will allow for greater freedom in your improvisation.

We will also learn how to construct with these Modalities and how to create a new movement vocabulary.

The resulting knowledge will be useful for years to come, in your dance or choreographic practice or simply to raise your body awareness.


The workshop will take place from

February 14-19.th at

EDEN**** Studios, Dock11,
Pankow, Breite Strasse 43, Berlin 13187

Mo-Fr. 10.30-17.00 ( with an hour lunch break )
Sa. 10.30- 14.00

The course is 280 Euros.

The workshop has a maximum of 15 participants so please register early to assure your placement.

For registration or further information please write to :


Tamas Moricz has most notably worked with William Forsythe and the Ballett Frankfurt. During his career he's also collaborated and performed pieces by Jan Fabre, Mats Ek, Jyri Kylian, Jonathan Burrows, Saburo Teshigowara, Antony Rizzi, Jacopo Godani, Amanda Miller, Crystal Pite, and many others.

Tamas is currently working as a freelance teacher of the Forsythe Improvisational Technologies and giving Ballett classes at companies and higher educational facilities around the world. Palucca Schule, P.A.R.T.S, the Cullberg Ballett, Semperoper Dresden, Arsenale della Danza at Biennale Venezia; ImpulsTanz in Vienna, Istanbul European Art Capital of 2010, Korean National Dance Academy, Tokyo Archi-tanz are among the places he's recently visited.



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