PREMIERE Cooking  
09. bis 12.09.2010 eine Tanz- und Videoinstallation von Vidal Bini, Michal dAuzo
INSTALLATION 20.00 - 22.00 Uhr im EDEN*****  
  beteiligte Künstler: Vidal Bini, Michal dAuzo  



Vidal Bini

Founder of KHZ. In his choreographic work, he explores improvised somatic and social dynamics, as ways to create meaningful moments of presence in a performance context. In parallel, he also develops collaborations with other artists such as Robert Clark, Michaël d'Auzon and Olivier Meyer to challenge these practices and achieve a deeper questioning and understanding of the act of performing, looking for other forms of representation.
Michaël d’Auzon
Commissioned choreographer in various theaters in France and abroad, and artistic director of the Compagnie l’Instant in Nancy (F), he sets numerous creations since 1998. His approach is defined by a plastic conception of the choreographic writing. Working at the same time in Berlin since 2007, he is involved in research on the improvised movement, its capture and its distortion. Recently, he creates several video installations around the visual persistence of the body.


# Installation / Performance: Vidal Bini, Michaël d‘Auzon
# Video: Michaël d‘Auzon
# Musik: Vidal Bini
# Produktion: KHZ / Compagnie l‘Instant
# produziert im und unterstützt von DOCK 11 EDEN*****

Einlass durchgehend!!

Combi-Karte für die Performance "Parseme" im DOCK 11 - 19.30 Uhr und 20.30 Uhr -  und die Installation "Cooking" im EDEN***** 20.00-22.00 Uhr kostet 13.- Euro. Die Karte kann im Zeitraum  vom 9.-12.9.2010 eingelöst werden. Die Karte gilt für jeweils eine Vorstellung „Parseme“ und einmal „Cooking“