29.08. bis 01.09.2019 ein Tanzstück von Christine Bonansea



Vorstellungen im DOCK 11:

am 29. August (Premiere), 30. + 31. August
sowie 01. September 2019, jeweils um 19.00 Uhr

DOCK 11, Kastanienallee 79, 10435 Berlin

Ticketreservierungen: 030-35120312, ticket@dock11-berlin.de  

Tickets: 14.- Euro / 10.- Euro erm.


Was bedeutet es, Mensch zu sein? Wie können wir als Individuen in der Gesellschaft existieren? Wie nehmen wir Menschlichkeit wahr?

Wir sind alle durch unsere Geschichte, unsere Umgebung, unsere Erziehung konditioniert. Unsere Wahrnehmungen sind kodifiziert! Darüber hinaus aber haben wir auch die Möglichkeit, unsere Realität zu überprüfen und neu zu beurteilen. OH-2 ist der zweite Teil der Projektserie OH, einer Befragung der menschlich konditionierten Realität. Inspiriert ist OH-2 durch Friedrich Nietzsches Buch „Menschliches, Allzumenschliches“, in dem er seine Gedanken zu Metaphysik, Ethik, Konflikt und Moral in ausgedehnten Aphorismen ausführt. Die Ideen Nietzsches werden durch die künstlerische Zusammenarbeit mit Video- und visuellem Design, Licht-Environments und Echtzeit-Sounddesign, sowie durch choreographische Strukturen in einer multidisziplinären Performance destilliert und interpretiert. Dabei wird die Grenze zwischen Zuschauenden und Performenden verwischt um die vielen unterschiedlichen Menschen zu einer Körper-Masse zu verschmelzen.


Konzept / Choreographie: Christine Bonansea

Tänzer*innen: Jessica Akers, Medhat Aldaabal, David Mariano, Yuri Shimaoka, Mei Yamanaka, Ayesha Katz, Sho Nakasatomi, Takeshi Ohashi

Original Musik Komposition / Performance: Nicole Carroll
Graphische Programmierung / Performance: Yoann Trellu

Licht-Design: Asier Solana
Fotos: Sigel Eschkol
Dauer: 60 minutes


OH-2 is a multimedia work created in collaboration with the visual artist Yoann Trellu and the composer Nicol Carroll. This work is the second part of the OH Project series that enquires human conditioned reality, following OnlyHuman solo piece. The performance series is inspired by Friedrich Nietzsche’s book Human, All Too Human in which he organizes his thoughts regarding metaphysics, ethics, conflict and morality as expanded aphorisms.
He suggested “becoming what one is” through the cultivation of instincts and various cognitive faculties — a plan that requires a constant struggle with one’s psychological and intellectual inheritances. “He is called a free spirit who thinks differently from what, on the basis of his origin, environment, his class and profession, or on the basis of the dominant views of the age, would have been expected of him” Other critical theorists, post-structuralists, and existentialists including Foucault, Sartre, Merleau-Ponti further influence this project: “Human existence can never abstract from itself in order to gain access to the naked truth; it merely has the capacity to progress toward the objective and does not possess objectivity in fully-fledged form” - Merleau-Ponty, The World of Perception.

These works seek to explore and express human conditioned reality, and introduce the philosophical questions: What is to be human? How do we simultaneously exist as individual beings, and as one entity? How do we perceive humanity? We are all conditioned by our history, environment, education. Our perceptions are codified! But beyond this, we have also the possibility to reassess our reality.
OH-2 takes the viewpoint that these questions are urgent and it is imperative to recognize humanity as unified.
The piece explores multiple bodies that become one, using the mass and density of a large cast of artists and the audience. The body-mass will play with various physical quantities and dynamics; revealing evolving movement and spatial transformation. Starting from the audience perspective, the space is reversed, like a portal, challenging dimensional perceptions and playing with the mass of the audience as a single body occupying the space, disturbed and modulated by spatial variations of the performing group. The bodies of both performers and audience members shift between states of conflict, separation, tension and agreement thus creating dynamic expression that simultaneously reveals human limitations. Together with my collaborators, through kinetic manipulation OH-2 aims to create an experience where perceptions are distorted and questioned, providing new perspective and understanding.

OH-2 performances will engage a local and global community. In a world challenged by radical and critical environmental changes, political and social tensions, it seems crucial to provide larger access to this work and to invite new communities to experience this urgent inquiry.

Concept / Choreography: Christine Bonansea
Jessica Akers, Medhat Aldaabal, David Mariano, Yuri Shimaoka, Mei Yamanaka, Ayesha Katz, Sho Nakasatomi, Takeshi Ohashi
Original Music Composition / Performance: Nicole Carroll
Graphic Programming / Performance: Yoann Trellu
Light Design: Asier Solana
Photos: Sigel Eschkol

Duration: 60 minutes


Christine Bonansea is a US-European dancer and choreographer with 17 years of international experience in conceiving, directing/choreographing and performing movement-based works. She creates performances, installations, and films. She is the Artistic director of Christine Bonansea Company, founded in 2010. Defined by expressive, virtuosic, improvisation-driven movement, her work inhabits an experimental, interdisciplinary, and collaborative environment in which other media – theater, video, visual art and design, spoken word, and music – play an important and integral part. Having studied Modern Literature at Paris’ La Sorbonne, she cites writers and philosophers as major influences.

Bonansea received the french national graduation in contemporary dance and studied dance with such luminaries as Regine Chopinot, Catherine Diverres, Mathilde Monnier, Ralph Lemon, Anna Halprin, Nancy Stark Smith. She’s also an accomplished dance teacher in both professional performative and therapeutic setting.
She collaborated and performed with internationally artists such as, Nita Little, Katie Duck, Kathleen Hermesdorf, Sara Shelton Mann, Faustin Linyekula, Tino Sehgal, Yoshiko Chuma.
In New York City, Bonansea’s work has been presented by Danspace Project, Dixon Place, movement research at the Judson Church, JACK. Her dances have also been developed in art residencies and commissioned by numerous venues and festivals worldwide, including YBCA, ODC Theater, San Francisco International Arts Festival, and The FRESH Festival (San Francisco); Headwater Theater (Portland); Atlantic Center for the Arts (Florida); Earthdance (MA), Artscape (Toronto); Whenever Wherever Festival (Tokyo); The Centre Nationale De la Danse(Paris) and at DOCK11 (Berlin).

Christine Bonansea Company has been supported by funds from the Zellerbach Family Foundation(2012), American Dance Abroad(2014-2018), Foundation for Contemporary Arts (2014-2018), Theater Bay Area (2012) the LAD-Dancer’s Group(2016), the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs in partnership with the City Council and administered by Lower Manhattan Cultural Council, Creative Engagement / Creative Learning (2018), and sponsored by New York Live Arts - NYC (2017-2019).