PREMIERE No Borders Festival  
22. bis 25.08.2019 Festival mit Arbeiten von Sara Shelton Mann, Yannis Adoniou, Christine Bonansea und Daiane Lopes da Silva
FESTIVAL 19.00 Uhr im DOCK 11  

No Borders Festival

No Borders Festival

Vorstellungen im DOCK 11

22., 23., 24. und 25. August 2019, jeweils 19 Uhr

DOCK 11, Kastanienallee 79, 10435 Berlin
Ticketreservierungen: 030-35120312, ticket@dock11-berlin.de 

Tickets: 14.- Euro / 10.- Euro erm pro Abendveranstaltung  


Eine Kollaboration von Choreograph*innen, die jahrelang mit Sara Shelton Mann (San Francisco) zusammen gearbeitet haben. Dies ist das zweite jährliche Festival, welches das Zusammenkommen zelebriert und im DOCK 11 Berlin Performances schafft.

A collaboration of choreographers who have worked with San Francisco dance luminary Sara Shelton Mann over the years. This is the 2nd festival celebrating coming together and making performance at Dock 11 in Berlin.

Sara Shelton Mann - SF, CA
Christine Bonansea - France, Berlin, NYC
Yannis Adoniou - Athens, Greece
Daiane Lopes da Silva - Brazil, USA
Photo: by Robbie Sweeny / Abby Crain in Vortex - Sara Shelton Mann


Donnerstag 22. August
Parallel and phases - Christine Bonansea Company
29/ Vortex - Sara Shelton Mann

Freitag 23. August
Re-flection - Yannis Adoniou
29/ Vortex - Sara Shelton Mann

Samstag 24. August
Parallel and phases - Christine Bonansea Company
29/ Vortex - Sara Shelton Mann

Sonntag 25. August
Sara/ Group -Solo Neutral Follow Group + - Sara Shelton Mann
Re-flection - Yannis Adoniou
AI Sensorium - Daiane Lopes da Silva


29/ Vortex - Sara Shelton Mann

Lasst uns einige Aufzeichnungen wieder betrachten und Träume und andere Realitäten in ein Tanz-Gespräch einladen, indem wir die Zukunft aus der Perspektive des Kindes erwägen. 

Considering the future from a child’s perspective let’s open some records and invite dreams and other realities into a conversational dance. 

Direktion: Sara Shelton Mann
Sounddesign / Performance: Tim Russell
Performer: Abby Crain, Ayelet Yekutiel, Jesse Zaritt
Licht Design: GG Torres
Dauer: 45 Minuten

Mehr Information: https://contactquarterly.com/cq/article-gallery/view/sara-shelton-mann-in-the-presence-of-action.pdf

Sara/ Group -Solo Neutral Follow Group + 
 - Sara Shelton Mann

The question: Are you in your body? Someone else’s or in the “in between”
SNF (Solo Neutral Follow) is a basic study in creating space, taking 100% attention 100% of the time. It is a training of focus, concentration and multidirectional attention. This process frees you from criticism, develops spontaneity, and discipline that takes you to the mat of responsibility. It takes commitment and suspension of beliefs. It is also very much fun and quite exhausting.

Direktion: Sara Shelton Mann
Performer: Abby Crain, Ayelet Yekutiel + Marcio Kerber Canabarro, Manon Duquesnay, Nathaniel Moore, Daiane Lopes da Silva

Parallel and phases - Christine Bonansea Company

In einer kollaborativen Performance-Forschung mit Soundartists werden Fragen der Kontrolle gestellt und die Beziehung zwischen Räumen strapaziert.

Parallel and Phases is a multimedia work created in collaboration with the composer Byungseo Yoo and choreographer Christine Bonansea. The 2 artists give attention to the variation of time space using the interaction of sound and the body. Their collaborative research generate a sensitive material revealing the dimensionality and fluctuations of time space through both mediums movement. They perform a choreographic and soundscape instant composition as a work in progress in May 2019 at ZK/u in Berlin. They will offer another live experimentation with 3 additional dancers at DOCK11 for the No Borders Festival in August 22 and 24, 2019. The international performers team (Korean, French - american, Mexican, Japanese and Canadian), will perform a work that increase the tension in between virtual and real. They will generate an energetic kinetic environment that reveals the ephemeral body through time space.

Konzept: Byungseo Yoo, Christine Bonansea
Original Music Komposition / Performance: Byungseo Yoo
Choreographie: Christine Bonansea
Tanz: Yuri Shimaoka, David Mariano, Ann Trepanier, Christine Bonansea
Dauer: 25 Minuten
Re-flection - Yannis Adoniou/KUNST-STOFF Productions

Body < transformation < space relation < function < Image

A new performative media art-work showcases the body (Yannis Adoniou), architectural
environment, the “accidental body” in nature and the choreographic element of reflexion/
memory. Yannis Adoniou and Evann Siebens have worked together in many capital cities
like, New York City, Frankfurt, Germany and San Francisco U.S.A. Their new collaboration
takes place in Athens, Greece.

Direktion / Choreographie / Performance: Yannis Adoniou
Collaboration / Cinematographie: Evann Siebens
Dauer: 20 Minuten

AI Sensorium
 - Daiane Lopes da Silva

AI Solarium reflects on the advance of machine learning and artificial intelligence. Like all the major technology advances in history, with the potential of drastically improving human lives, comes the unexpected side effects, often devastating. Digital footprints are left behind at every single movement we make. Tracked over a long period of time, these signals are pooled into big data, processed by machine learning, and stitched together to form a picture of us that often reveals insights we don't even know about ourselves. For the commercial entities, those insights fuel the recommendation system that perfects the selling of merchandizes, in the hands of special interest group, it becomes their powerful weapons to deepen our bias and influence our views. Unlike physical footprints, erasing digital footprints is futile. You can no longer control what is left behind. Invasion of privacy is like a sharp needle penetrating our skins. The giant machine of influence creates bubbles that contort our minds and beliefs. AI Solarium is a reflection on these strange realities.

Choreographie / Performance: Daiane Lopes da Silva
Research: Weidong Yang
Dauer: 15 Minuten