Time, Boredom and Electricity  
22.09.2017 ein Studioshowing von und mit Shani Granot, Nevo Romano, Ariel Cohen, Or Rimer
PRÄSENTATION 20.00 Uhr im DOCK 11 Saal3  

Time, Boredom and Electricity

Time, Boredom and Electricity

 Spieltermine im DOCK 11:

Vorstellungen: 22. September 2017 um 20.00 Uhr in Saal 3

DOCK11, Kastanienallee 79, 10435 Berlin


Following a week long residency at Dock11, the Israeli choreographers Shani Granot, Nevo Romano and Ariel Cohen, joined by the musician Or Rimer, will conduct a studio showing of a dance piece called "Embarrassed Years" (originally premiered in 2016 at Tel Aviv-Jaffa). The evening will consist of a demonstration of segments from the piece, in which the artists re-examined in the context of the residency period. After the showing, Shir Hacham, a dance researcher and doctoral student who deals with Embarrassed Years in her philosophical political research, will lead a talk that will try to show the piece's commitment to minimum intensity of representation, as an aesthetic paradigm that shifts away from 20's century avant-gardes.


Performance: Shani Granot, Nevo Romano, Ariel Cohen
Music: Or Rimer
Talk: Shir Hacham

Photo: Guy Aon

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further event:

— A happening, a protest, a fantasy of planetary migration

Location: WBB, Berliner Straße 80–82, Berlin
Opening: 16 September, 6–10pm
Launch: 23 September 2017, 6pm–8am

Kepler 452b is a sixteen-hour immersive imaginary space trip combining art, fashion, and music. Using the metaphor of space migration, Kepler 452b will create a venue for envisioning possible futures defined by openness, inclusion, diversity and collective-individualism. Kepler 452b will launch on September 23, 2017, at 6pm in Berlin.

Discovered by NASA in 2015, Kepler 452b is a potentially habitable super-earth that is 1400 light years away. The night throughout which the event takes place will be separated into three chapters: launching from Earth, entering space, and landing on Kepler 452b. A series of live performances, art installations and DJ sets will be carried out respective to each theme. Participants will connect with each other through interactive performances and the transformation of their own appearance.

With Ancestral Voices, Vladimir Ivkovic, Valentino Mora, Bjørn Melhus, Mikey Woodbridge, Amir Fattal, Christoph Girardet, Matthias Müller, Neel, Nihiti, Nuel, MIIIA, Ornella Fieres, Nelson Santos, Stefan Schneider, Tamandua, Mataya Waldenberg, xvii Studio, Young Boy Dancing Group, Proxima Plus ft. ZAFTIK musik, Embarrassed Years (Shani Granot, Nevo Romano, Ariel Cohen) and Daven Zang, amongst others.

Experimental Music
The leading musical characters will accompany the listener in a space race through different genres. Rising from earth’s disintegration and chaos with the dark ambient artist Ancestral Voices, the ozone layer will be broken on Stefan Schneider’s uplifting new live set. The gatekeeper of the cosmos, Vladimir Ivkovic, will ready the dancers for their ultimate mission among the stars. After a farewell to the galaxy on Valentino Mora's dub techno tonalities, Kepler 452b will take shape with the gloomy fast paced sounds of MIIIA, Neel and Nuel.

Art and performance
A fantastical environment created by the crew members of Kepler 452b will greet the visitors as they board the spaceship. Performances will be orchestrated throughout the night. The Young Boy Dancing Group’s show is constructed with different scenes addressing sexuality, digital age, fetishes, contemporary dance, pop and youth culture. Tamandua’s imagery and performance, deeply interwoven with their passion for kinbaku, the Japan originated art of rope bondage, will demonstrate how rope becomes the tool of choice with which to navigate the world and life in general on a creative and emotional level. A performance by Mataya Waldenberg will focus on the theme of gender and its place in society, using their own body as their main medium – roaming in between male and female, the real and the fantastic. Embarrassed Years will take a nonjudgmental look at human beings’ most intimate moments, and the dance collective Proxima Plus (Irene Anglada and Marissa Medal) will bring people closer by connecting and exchanging energy to guide the “lucky ones” on their journey to Kepler 425b, accompanied by the juicy waves of ZAFTIK music.

The creations of designer Florian Máthé bring the conversation about equality and LGBTQ+ rights to the forefront while the brand new Fall/Winter Collection by artist Bjørn Melhus celebrates the financial crisis on Earth. Nelson Santos’ work is a fusion of art and fashion, exploring a different side of fashion and the dichotomy between the beautiful and the ugly. Bodies



Shir Hacham is a dance writer and researcher. Shir was the dance correspondent of “Haaretz” daily newspaper from 2012 to 2014, and continues her research and discursive work today. Her first academic publishing co-authored with Ido Feder was published in 2013 on TkH journal, dealing with Ohad Naharin’s dance works and movement-language from an aesthetico-political perspective. She engaged also in collective research platforms, like Tights, Mandel cultural center's residency program (Jaffa) and Critical Practice Made in YU. Currently, she is a doctoral student for philosophy at the Philosophy graduate school in Tel Aviv University.

Shani Granot is a dancer and a dance-maker. She joined the Batsheva Youth Ensemble in 1996. In 2002 she graduated from P.A.R.T.S (Brussels). Since 2003 she has worked in close collaboration with Cristian Duarte, Peter Fol, Keren Levi, Arkadi Zaides, and Daniel Landau both in Europe and in Israel. In 2012 she created the piece An Hour with All-Eaters together with Nevo Romano, who she collaborates with since then.

Nevo Romano is an artist, performer and a teacher. He studied violin in the Buchmann–Mehta School of Music, and graduated from the School of Visual Theater – Jerusalem and the Adama Dance School, where he later taught technique and improvisation. Romano worked and collaborated with Liat Dror and Nir Ben Gal, Nava Frenkel, Daniel Landau, Shani Granot and Ariel Cohen. He is a Lecturer in theDepartment of Dance at Sapir College.

Ariel Cohen is a stage artist, visual artist and a performer. He studied at Kirov Academy in Washington D.C, and has a B.A from Amsterdam HogeschoolVoor De Kunst. He danced with Batsheva Dance Company, Scapino Ballet, Bern Ballet I.T Dansa, and created number of stage works for various dance festivals in Israel. His works were also presented in several galleries in Tel Aviv. Among others he collaborated with the choreographer Osnat Kelner. Cohen designed the costumes for Sadeh21 and The Hole by Ohad Naharin and he served as an assistant to Naharin for the piece Last Work.

Or Rimer is a musician, composer and sound artist. He wrote and composed sound works for different artists (video art and sound installations), dance and performance pieces and several short films. As a member of different rock groups, he recorded albums and performed throughout Europe. Rimer studies at the Experimental Music and Sound Art Advanced Studies program at Musrara in Jerusalem, and teaches music workshops and avant-garde improvisation for children.