GASTSPIEL Abandon Human  
06. bis 08.04.2017 mit Katie Duck, Sharon Smith und Emese Csornai

Abandon Human

Abandon Human


Vorstellungen im DOCK 11

06., 07. und 08. April 2017, jeweils um 19.00 Uhr

DOCK 11, Kastanienallee 79, 10435 Berlin

Ticketreservierungen: 030-35120312, ticket@dock11-berlin.de 

Tickets: 15.- Euro / 10.- Euro erm.

Zwei Tänzerinnen und Choreographinnen - beste Freundinnen - treffen auf eine Lichtdesignerin und bildende Künstlerin. Gemeinsam erschaffen sie in einem drei Tage währenden Prozess ein Spektakel zum Thema "Abandon Human" aus Texten, Sound Partituren, Visuals und Interaktionsmöglichkeiten mit dem Publikum. 
Smith und Duck arbeiten seit Mitte der 90er Jahre zusammen und teilen die Vorliebe für Echtzeitkomposition und ein anti-hierarchisches Verhältnis zwischen Künstler und Zuschauer. 20 Jahre Altersunterschied und gemeinsame Lebens- und Arbeitserfahrungen fließen in ihre Stücke ein. Die Idee für "Abandon Human" entstand aus einer Korrespondenz über Weiblichkeit, Mütter und KünstlerInnen in unserer Zeit.
Performance: Katie Duck, Sharon Smith
Licht-Design: Emese Csornai
Foto: Mike Evany, "Rock Casualty" mit Katie und Sharon von 2008 



Two best friends, performance artists Sharon Smith and Katie Duck, come together with light designer and visual artist Emese Csornai to create a spectacle event around the title “Abandon Human”. A three day creation process will be held at the Dock 11 theatre space where the artists discover text, movement, strategies for public inter action, sound score and visual light designs towards the creation of “Abandon Human”.

Katie and Sharon have known and worked with each other off and on since the mid 90”s. They share a fondness for keeping the pieces they do in real time with an edge towards an anti hierarchical artists role with public’s. Katie is 20 years older than Sharon and that provides a learning curve for the both of them as they share their life stories and experiences in their work. They are corresponding online, sharing text, themes and structural ideas in preparation for the four day rehearsal period in the Dock 11. Those correspondences led them to the title “Abandon Human”.

Emese’s will design a staging for the piece with light and images. Katie will design a sound score that contains electronic sound designs alongside selected guilty pleasure surprises. Sharon and Katie will work out a score of text, movement and inter active strategies that allows for the public to be in live time while the players execute their materials in real time.

“Abandon Human” is a correspondence that revolves around a discussion between Sharon and Katie about being women, mums and artists in this time. It will be revealed over the period in the four day rehearsal process in April with. Their process is tight to loose, allowing for strict rules and strategies in rehearsal focused on the development of raw materials and then played loose in the performance setting.


“Abandon Person” Performance: Katie Duck and Sharon Smith.
Light design: Emese Csornai
Photo by Mike Evans from “Rock Casualty” 2008 Katie and Sharon, Amsterdam



Sharon Smith:

My name is Sharon Smith. I am a performance maker and a performer and sometimes I teach and write. I live in Berlin. I am part of the arts collective Gob Squad and have been collaborating with them since 2007. I am a feminist. I often have a sense of being unrepresented in the-real-world-out-there. Language often doesn’t serve me well, words fall short of what I think I mean. Words serve to mask what it is I am trying to say. And because/in spite of this, I write.

Katie Duck:

I am a performer maker and teacher since the early 1970’s. I have placed improvisation as an intricate element in how to compose and perform with musicians, dancers and actors internationally for 30 years. I am a feminist traveling through the 60’s to present day as both witness and participant. Distressing events occur daily with language and sport metaphors defining winners and losers tucking our feelings in a pocket of our consciousness until eventually panic attach grips the spirit and anything social seems beyond reason. The human condition to feel what we see and hear is numbed, boxed away in the normal. Emotions are messy. Creativity is messy. Art is 80% observation.

Emese Csornai:

I am a light designer with a visual art background mainly specialised in installation, performance and light design. I studied architecture in Budapest and audiovisual arts at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam (BA2009). My installation practice lead me to lighting design, my lighting practice to directing and they keep on developing each other. I live in Berlin since 2015, I give workshops, light pieces, roll cables, climb ladders, direct dance shows, improvise with light. I find it liberating to shed new light on politically imposed topics, and gain depth of insight, and find distance from flat terminologies. I am busy re-contextualizing the subjects of my interest. Hierarchy bores me, easy fixes, common standards do too. All theories and pioneering separable from the direct influence of money and mental slavery interest me.