BodyCartography Project  
29.06.2016 Experiments in Embodied Performance
SHOWING 20.00 Uhr im EDEN***** Studio 190 EG  

BodyCartography Project

BodyCartography Project


am 29. Juni 2016, jeweils um 20.00 Uhr

im EDEN, Breite Stresse 43, 13187 Berlin, Studio 190 EG


BodyCartography Project presents a free evening of dance and embodied movement experiments with Katelyn Skelly(USA), Olivia McGrgeor(NZ), Laressa Dickey(Berlin), Michele Huber(USA), Noa Rotem(Portugal), Olive Bieringa (USA/NZ) and Otto Ramstad(USA)

This event comes as a conclusion from two weeks of studying the vital materiality of the body with a specific focus on teh magic of the fluids, endocrine glands, senses, and embryology.

Learn more at www.embodiedperformance.org