PREMIERE Portrait of the unknown man  
28. bis 31.01.2016 zwei Performances von company KUNST-STOFF productions
PERFORMANCE 19.00 Uhr im DOCK 11  
  beteiligte Künstler: Yannis Adoniou, Stavros Apostolatos, Michael-John Harper  

Portrait of the unknown man

Portrait of the unknown man

Spieltermine im DOCK 11:

28. Januar 2016, 19.00 Uhr

weitere Vorstellungen: 29., 30. und 31. Januar 2016, jeweils 19.00 Uhr

DOCK11, Kastanienallee 79, 10435 Berlin

Ticketreservierungen: ticket@dock11-berlin.de, 030-35120312

Tickets: 10.- Euro / 8.- Euro erm.

Do. 28.01. Gesprächsrunde im Anschluss an ‚Portrait of the unknown man’ in Zusammenarbeit mit Theaterscoutings Berlin. Die neue Premiere der Tanzcompany KUNST-STOFF productions spielt mit der Idee vom Verschwinden – im Anschluss tauchen sie wieder auf und freuen sich auf eine Gesprächsrunde mit dem Publikum. 



If people or things disappear, they go somewhere where they cannot be seen or found
eine Performance von Yannis Adoniou und Stavros Apostolatos

Die beiden Performer spielen mit der Idee vom Verschwinden. Sie laufen, stehen, springen, brechen zusammen während ihre Formen verblassen/schmelzen, um den Blicken zu entfliehen. Wenn der Boden nicht da ist, worauf werde ich stehen?

Konzept / Choreographie / Performance: Yannis Adoniou, Stavros Apostolatos
Fotos: Dione Angelopoulou


If people or things disappear, they go somewhere where they cannot be seen or found
a performance by Yannis Adoniou, Stavros Apostolatos
The two performers are dealing with the idea of disappearance. They walk, stand, jump, collapse, while their form fades/melts away trying to vanish from sight. If the floor isn’t there, where will i stand?

Conzept / Choreography / Performance: Yannis Adoniou, Stavros Apostolatos


ein Solo mit Michael-John Harper


Dieses Solo ist das Portrait eines Tänzers namens "M.J.". Es erforscht die fantastischen Fähigkeiten des Körpers und die spannende Persönlichkeit, die ihn bewohnt. 

Leitung / Choreographie: Yannis Adoniou
Tanz: Michael-John Harper



a solo with Michael-John Harper

This solo work, a portrait of the dancer named "M.J. " explores the body’s fantastic abilities and the interesting “person” that inhabits with in.

Direction / Choreography: Yannis Adoniou
Dancer: Michael-John Harper


Yannis Adoniou, renowned Greek artist was born in Athens,Greece where he received his first formal dance education. Since 1998 he has been leading the critically acclaimed arts organization, KUNST-STOFF, co-founded with Tomi Paasonen. In 2010 Adoniou founded KUNST-STOFF arts, a studio/art space located in downtown San Francisco, designed to host performing and visual artists from around the globe. Adoniou works in Dance, Film, Opera and takes active roles as a dancer, choreographer, curator, producer, and educator. Adoniou has frequently been in collaboration with nationally known composers, and visual and media artists.
Adoniou was a principal dancer with Alonzo King’s LINES Ballet and a regular guest artist across the USA and Europe. In addition to his work with

KUNST- STOFF Dance Company, Adoniou has created works for companies and Universities such as Seattle Opera, Sacramento Ballet, Sixrono Theatro, Bonn Ballet, Opera Santa Barbara, the Modern Department at the University of Utah, West Bay Opera, West Edge Opera, and Lines Ballet/Dominican University, among others. He has received support and acknowledgement for his work as a dancer and choreographer from the Isadora Duncan Awards, Irvine Foundation, Dance/USA, 2005 Goldie Awards, San Francisco Arts Commission, MANCC national center for choreography, NEON foundation and the Gerbode Foundation, among others.

Stavros Apostolatos, was born in Chania, Crete where in 91 ' he began his relation with dance. He is alumnus of The Ministry of Culture Proffesional Section Of Dance. The last 20 years he has attented several circles of courses and seminars of Classic Dance, Modern Techniques, Realise Techiques, Contact Improvisation, Improvisation, Buto, with teachers from Greece, Europe and America Such as: KER Dance Studio With Efi Kaloutsi-Greece, Jerome Andrews-France,Jean Francois Lefort-France, Jean Yiasko-Nederlands, Court Coegel-Germany, William Forsythe Dance Cie- Frankfurt opera Studio, Riccardo Morrison-America, Benno Voorham-Netherlands, Pina Bausch Dance Cie-Germany, Tanzfabrik Dance Cie-Germany, Wendy Peron-America, Masaki Iwana-Japan, and many more.


Michael-John Harper was born on the island of Jamaica in 1987, and moved to Florida, USA at the age of eight. He was an avid Musical Theatre student in high school where, under the direction of Lori Sessions, his dance talent was uncovered. He pursued his passion for dance and began his training at Michael's Academy for the Performing Arts. After graduating high school in 2005, he attended New World School of the Arts in Miami, Florida, as a scholarship student and graduated in 2009 with a BFA in dance. He then joined the Alvin Ailey II Junior Dance Company in New York and in 2010 became a member of Wayne Mcgregor|Random Dance (now Company Wayne McGrgegor) where he remained until 2015. Michael-john has toured the world extensively with performances in respected venues such as MOMA and the Guggenheim His dance experience also includes creative residency at the Palucca Schule in Dresden, Germany with focus on William Forsythe improvisation techniques; Scholarship student at the Alonzo King Lines Ballet in San Francisco, California; and performances at the 2009 Contemporary Dance Festival in New York with the Thang Dao Dance company. Michael-John is currently based in Berlin as a freelancer.