WIEDERAUFNAHME Auf Wiedersehn & Un/Known  
30. bis 31.08.2014 zwei Tanzstücke von Tomer Zirkilevich und Sharon Assa Hilleli
TANZ 20.30 Uhr im DOCK 11  
  beteiligte Künstler: Tomer Zirkilevich, Sharon Assa Hilleli  

Auf Wiedersehn & Un/Known

Auf Wiedersehn & Un/Known

Spieltermine im DOCK 11:

Vorstellungen 30. und 31.08.2014, jeweils 20.30 Uhr

Tickets: 15.- Euro / 10.- Euro erm.


“Nachtzüge haben etwas Unendliches an sich...“

Eine simple Geschichte von einer Frau, einer Tänzerin, Schauspielerin, Ehefrau und Mutter, die auf der Suche ist nach Zugehörigkeit, Liebe, Freiheit, Ausdruck, Identität, Moral und Unabhängigkeit. Ihre zwiespältige Gemütsverfassung lässt sie eine Reise auf der Suche nach sich selbst antreten. Wohin und zu wem gehört sie? Woher kommt sie und wo geht sie hin? Der Austausch mit einer älteren Dame, einem Militärorchester, Elefanten und sogar mit Marlene Dietrich führt sie in eine geträumte Vergangenheit, die reale Gegenwart und eine unendliche Zukunft.

Direktion/Choreographie: Tomer Zirkilevich
Tanz: Michal Hirsch
Licht Design: Tamar Orr
Musik: deutsche Musik der 20er und 30er Jahre
Foto: Holger Irrmisch

AUF WIEDERSEHN by Tomer Zirkilevich

“There is something endless in a night train...” A simple story of one woman, a dancer, an actress, a wife and a mother, searching for belonging, love, freedom, exposure, identity, morals and independence. Her ambivalent state of mind brings her to a journey of self-discovery. Where and to whom does she belong? Where did she come from, and whence she was going? Interactions with an old woman, a military orchestra, elephants and even Marlene Dietrich lead her to the dreamy past, the real present and the endless future.

Director / Choreographer: Tomer Zirkilevich
Dancer-creator: Michal Hirsch
Light Design: Tamar Orr
Music: German music from the 20s and 30s

Premiere at 20th Annual International Contemporary Dance Conference and Performance Festival. Bytom, Poland 2013-

With the support of The kibbutzim college, The school for The Arts of Dance

Our Thanks: Oren Mansura, Sharon Reshef Armony, Dr. Jacek Luminski

Hirsch is a superb performer, either acting or dancing, with a powerful stage presence. She captivates her audience without their
tiring. Ruth Eshel – Haaretz, Gallery 27.02.2014

“Auf wiedersehn” is being watched with a sense of participation in the honest performance, not over esthetic, touching in its simplicity and balance. Viewing and staying with you for a long time. Katarzyna Pawlicka – Danceweek Bytom 03.07.2013

Link to the trailer:


„Auch antike Vorstellungen hatten ihren eigenen Entstehungsmoment.“ N. Alterman

Dies ist die Mauer, die Trennung zwischen den beiden Teilen - Ich und nochmals Ich. Ein Duett, das nach dem wahren Moment im Leben sucht. Gibt es solche Momente überhaupt? Müssen wir unseren Wohlfühlbereich überschreiten, um diese zu erreichen? Wer schaut uns aus dem Spiegel an? Wo finden wir unseren inneren Frieden?

Choreographie: Sharon Assa-Hilleli
Mitarbeit: Tomer Zirkilevich
Tanz: Galiya Tzur,Sharon Assa-Hilleli
Foto: Danny Tzur



"Even ancient visions had their own moments of birth" (N. Alterman)

This is the wall; this is the division between the two parts - me and me again

A duet that struggles to find the truth moment in our life.
Are there any moments like that? Do we have to fight our comfort zone to get it?
Who is looking at us from the mirror? What do we see in front? Where will we find the inner peace without words.

Choreography: Sharon Hilleli-Assa
Co-creator: Tomer Zirkilevich
Dancers creators: Galiya Tzur, Sharon Hilleli-Assa


Tomer Zirkilevich
An Israeli Choreographer, actor, dancer and teacher, based in Berlin.
Graduate of The School for the Arts of Dance at the Kibbutzim College, Tel – Aviv, 2010; Studied theatre, dance and composition at Studio Play and at the preparatory course at the Nisan Native Drama Studio, 2005-2006. Co-creator of the piece "UN / KNOWN" with Sharon Hileli-Assa, 2014; Choreographer for the performance "hairyourself" by Denitsa Stoyanova, 2014; Choreographer for the theater play " Du mußt dein Leben ändern" by Fränk Heller, 2014; performer in the piece "Mazal Tov, Performancekunst" by Amit Jacobi, 2014; Choreographer and director of the piece "Auf Wiedersehn", 2013; Co-creator and performer of the piece "Tigers" by Sharoon Reshef Armony, 2013; Creator and dancer of the piece “Like Father Likes Son", 2011; an actor in the theater play “Meanwhile it’s Still Cold”, by Roy Maliach-Reshef, 2011; co-creator and performer in “Seedless Watermelon” with Lee Fridman Shallom and Tamara Kowalsky, 2009; dancer in “Fons Amoris” by Niv Sheinfeld, 2009. The Producer of The School for the Arts of Dance at the Kibbutzim College 2011-2013. In 2010 received a study scholarship from the Caesarea Fund for outstanding dance-theatre students. In 2006 was awarded the Oded Kotler Prize for young artists in Ashdod.


Sharon Assa-Hilleli
An Israeli Independent Performer, choreographer and dance teacher. Since 2012 lives and creates in Berlin.
Graduated from the Dance - Performing Arts, kibbutzim Collage Tel- Aviv (B.Ed, 1997). In 2001 she completed her MA in arts education from the University of Leeds, uk (awarded with distinction).Was honored on her MA work investigates "The role of the image in teaching dance technique", Aspects such as precision of action, sense of wholeness, awareness and individual study, encouraging personal discovery and interpretation.
Dancer in "Tamar" Company (1989-1992) Directed by Zvi Gotheiner and Amir Kolben). 1993-1995 she moved to New-York. Studied at the Dancespace center. worked and preformed with different choreographers. Laurie De Vito, Twyla Tharp amongst others
Since 1995, along with her academic study, she creating her own work for stage and videodance and had the pleasure to collaborate and preformed with Choreographers in Israel and Europe. Emmanuel Grivet, Amos Hetz, Arie Burstein, Nimrod Fried, Shlomit Fundominsky a.o). Dancing and creating with "Octet" a group of artists investigating improvisation and its combination with music and Text (2006-2009).

Since 2002 She Teaches contemporary dance, composition and improvisation at the Dance-Art department in "Wingate" College and in "Ramot- Hefer" high School. Enhancing dance technique with the Feldenkrais, Pilates and Yoga Methods and recently axis syllabus.
Recently freelance dancer and choreographer, part of the "Migration Project-Berlin", teaching in Berlin at Tanzfabrik, Dock11, Sasha Waltz & Guests