Zeno & Nero  
21. bis 24.08.2014 ein Tanzstück der Compagnie Porson's Khashoggi
PERFORMANCE 20.30 Uhr im DOCK 11  
  beteiligte Künstler: Xenia Alexandrou, Andrea Dorian Rama  

Zeno & Nero

Zeno & Nero

Spieltermine im DOCK 11:

Vorstellungen 21., 22., 23. und 24.08.2014, jeweils 20.30 Uhr

„Wir? | Wir können überall sein | Wir lieben durch einen Spiegel | Wir sterben tausend
Mal (und danach gibt es eine Wiederauferstehung) | Wir töten tausend Mal
(danach nicht) | Wir schalten den Verstand aus | Und du? | Du verlierst widerwillig deinen Unglauben an uns.“

Compagnie: Porson‘s Khashoggi
Choreographie: Xenia Alexandrou, Andrea Dorian Rama
Tänzer: Matina Kokolaki, Andrea Dorian Rama
Musik: Momus
Photo: Montaz: Ras Oleg, Copyright: Bernd Hentschel

Tickets: 10.- Euro


Zeno has a good friend: Nero. Both dream to conquer the world. But not together.They chase after the'"Holy Grail", which happens to be everywhere.
Zeno and Nero is one personality, two people and one multiple unity. They have the charisma to convince us who unwillingly suspend our disbelief in them. (Just like magicians and politicians do to their funs).

Without wanting to create an experimental work, the piece makes leaps of logic, offers gaps in the story line to be believable just for what it is. It is a demonstration of the Instinct, which is more than a simple reflex and full of pure intellect. The two performers, use this instinct to contact us. To the extent that we understand the instinct, we understand the essence of life, of survival. (Just like magicians and politicians do).

Our story is not a story. There is no narration. The movement experienced here under the different qualities, the relationship of performers, is determined solely by how their bodies affect one another.

Time does not stand still, and it is not alienated from the essence of, which is the flow. Whatever is happening onstage lasts truely, time is no longer a form of space and the two performers can simultaneously exist in many places. Without beginning, without end. Just like politicians.

Compagnie: Porson' s Khashoggi
Chreography: Xenia Alexandrou, Andrea Dorian Rama
Dancers: Matina Kokolaki, Andrea Dorian Rama
Music: Momus
Photo: Montaz: Ras Oleg, Copyright: Bernd Hentschel

Tickets: 10.- Euro

Andrea Dorian Rama has graduated from the National Contemporary School of Dance (Athens, Greece). He has collaborated for diffrent kind of performances with contemporary dance companies, such as Sasha Waltz and Guests, Aladino R. Blanca, ROES Dance Theater, Anton Lachky, Massimo Gerardi, Fang-Yu shen and others.The Belgian choreographer Wim Vandekeybus invited him to participate as a dance artist in a research project in 2014.

Xenia Alexandrou has graduated from Morianova -Trasta professional dance school in Athens . She has worked in the past with companies StaatsballetMainz and Ballet Pretty-Ugly. Dealing a lot with classical vocabulary through the years, her main concern now is how to transform techniques into a pure experiential situation. Together with Andrea Rama are the founders of Porson's Khashoggi dance company and are interested in the research of such situations that can 'move' in front or back of the audience.

Matina Kokolaki has graduated from the National Contemporary School of Dance in Athens. In 2011- 2012 she begun to collaborate with Porson' s Khashoggi and from 2012- 2015 she collaborates with "Compagnie du Hanneton" - James Thierre in the world tour of "Tabac Rouge"

Porson 's Khashoggi (Xenia Alexandrou, Andrea Rama), introduce themselves and the audience in a life that they (never) could be a part of. Dance is an element of nature and the body tells always the truth. There is no technique, no counting: just the space dimension and the movement. Porson' s Khashoggi are devoted to suggest on stage Therapies and Solutions, for the "Dutch angle" human situations.