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12. bis 14.08.2016 ein Tanzstück von Christine Bonansea
TANZ 19.30 Uhr im DOCK 11  



Spieltermine im DOCK 11:

12., 13. und 14. August  2016, jeweils 19.30 Uhr

DOCK11, Kastanienallee 79, 10435 Berlin

Ticketreservierungen: ticket@dock11-berlin.de, 030-35120312 

 Tickets: 15.- Euro / 10.- Euro erm.
Fr. 12.08. Artist talk following 'ASTERIA'

ASTERIA is a choreographic project that questions temporality. The interactive choreographic project is developed in a cycle of alterations that discuss the concept of eternal recurrence from Nietzsche. After the performance we will discuss the understanding of time and its impact in our life.

Friedrich Nietzsche “All truth is crooked, time itself is a circle.”



Ausgehend von Nietzsches Konzept der „ewigen Wiederkunft“, welches besagt, dass sich in der unendlichen Zeit eine endliche Anzahl von Ereignissen immer und immer wiederholt, erschafft auch Christine Bonansea einen sich wiederholenden Prozess. So regt sie einen künstlerischen Dialog an und provoziert die andauernde, repetitive Versuchsdurchführung ein und desselben Solos durch Gegenüberstellung, Wiederholung und Wahrnehmungsverschiebung über die unterschiedlichen potenziellen Formen.


künstlerische Leitung: Christine Bonansea
Performer: Christine Bonansea, Yuko Matsuyama, Yuko Kaseki, Yuri Shimaoka, Ann Trepanier, Phoebe Osborne
Sound | Performance: Jorge Bachmann, Yuko Matsuyama
Visual Designer: Yoann Trellu
Produktion: Christine Bonansea company 
Foto: Mark McBeth

unterstützt von DOCK 11, Artscape artistic residency (Toronto), San Francisco International Festival 2015, Movement Recherche in der Judson Church New York




ASTERIA is a choreographic project that questions temporality.

I’m developing the piece through an iterative process of composition using the concept of "eternal recurrence" - a central point in the writings of Nietzsche: with infinite time and a finite number of events, events continue to recur again and again infinitely..
According to the philosopher view, the eternal recurrence proposition is a proof of the absurdity or meaningless of life, a proof that no meaning was given to the universe from on high.

The recurrent choreographic structure of ASTERIA is developed with a cycle alternance of the material. Each ASTERIA elaborates new parameters of variation and comparison that discuss the concept of Eternal recurrence.

The mythical Greek figure - Asteria- incarnate a symbol of multiplicity, and embody the natural cycle of life. The piece is composed by women soli with an international and multicultural cast. The soli occurrences interconnect and reveal the potential body transformation through the time.

Theses dances emphasize the gravity of the space with concentric and eccentric directional choreographic movements toward the audience. Their accidental interaction eventually create a continuous physical tensions and new connections despite their differences.

The connectivity and interferences of the bodies in ASTERIA and the variety of the composition forms will evoke the eternal recurrence of Nietzsche: showing the possibility of each life identified as a unique experience repeated infinitely as well as demonstrating how the impact of temporality creates systematically new forms and experiences on each of them.

Friedrich Nietzche
“All truth is crooked, time itself is a circle.”


Artistic direction: Christine Bonansea
Dancer Performer : Christine Bonansea,Yuko Matsuyama, Yuko Kaseki, Yuri Shimaoka, Ann Trepanier, Phoebe Osborne, Amy Gernux.
Sound Composition and Performance: Jorge Bachmann and Yuko Matsuyama.
Visual Designer: Yoann Trellu
Production: Christine Bonansea company
Picture credit: Mark McBeth

With the support of Dock 11 Eden (Berlin), Artscape artistic residency (Toronto), the San Francisco International Festival 2015 and Movement Research at Judson Church Performance (january 2016).



Christine Bonansea is the artistic Director of Christine Bonansea Company and a multi disciplinary performer artist, choreographer and teacher.
After performing in Europe and San Francisco for numbers of great artists among Mathilde Monnier, Tino Sehgal, Faustin Linyekula, Sarah Shelton Mann, Catherine Galasso as well as in her own work; she’s now based in New York City.
She’s been challenging the dynamics of live performance within the diversity of environment that she experienced internationally the last 15 years. She’s presented a series of dance pieces and installations since 2010.

Her work has been commissioned by festival organizations and residency programs: Atlantic Center for the Arts residency program, (2010), ODC theater program (2011-12), Safehouse Arts (2012-13), Artscape Toronto (2015), FRESH Festival (2011-2015), the Whenever Wherever Festival-Tokyo (2013), San Francisco International Festival (2015) and DOCK11- Berlin (2013-2015).

The company has been supported by US Grants: the Theater Bay area CASH GRANT (2012), the Zellerbach Family foundation (2012), American Dance Abroad (2014), Foundation for Contemporary Arts (2014), the Lighting Artists for Dance Grant of Dancer's Group (2014) and the French Consulate of San Francisco. Her last pieces has been seen in the United States in San Francisco (Counterpulse, Yerba Buena, ODC theater, the Joe Goode ANNEX) and New York city (Movement research- Judson Church, Danspace Project, Dixon Place).

Jorge Bachmann
is a media artist, experimental composer and curator based in San Francisco, USA. He is also a founder member of MEI.collectiv a multi-disciplinary group of artists.
Working across a wide range of explorations, Bachmann's work is eclectic, going from subtle "musique concrete" soundscapes to analog synth minimalism.
Since the early 1980's he has been exploring the strange, unique and microcosmic sounds of everyday life, collecting field recordings and creating soundscapes meant for deep listening. From 2003 to 2007 he created the music for MOBU Dance troupe. [ruidobello] has exhibited and performed in North America, Europe, Japan, Taiwan and South America. In 2009 he performed his audio-visual piece, Coleoptera, at the 10th Francisco Electronic Music Festival. In recent years he has performed and improvised with the likes of Bryan Day, Michael Gendreau, Mason Jones, David Graves, Danishta Rivero, Markus Hawkings and Takahiro Kawaguchi.
At present he is one half of the synth duo "snowsteps" and one fourth of "Collision Stories"


Yuko Matsuyama is a Japanese performing artist, residence in Berlin, Germany.
She was born in Kyoto in 1972. She started Japanese classical dance Buyoh in her infancy, and spent her youth for perform with the Musical and Revue theatre Takarazuka Revue in Japan. In 2001 she became a freelancer.
Her performance is mainly focused on structured improvisation. Since 2010 she organize a monthly open-platform-performance at Haus Schwarzenberg Berlin.
And as a sound artist, she's performed with Tomi Paasonen ( Co-director of KUNST-STOFF Productions, and Artistic Planner and Curator for ITAK- Regional Dance Centre of Easter Finland), Uran Hirosaki ( neoREVO/Tokyo ), Dance Company A+B Tanzbau. Her recent work with Cristina Elias and César Meneghetti has shown at 55th Venezia biennale, The São Paulo Museum of Image and Sound, and MAXXI-National Museum of the 21st Century Arts Italy. As a vocalist she collaborate with international artists such as Murat Ertel ( BabaZula ), Jochen Arbeit (Einstuerzende Neubauten, AUTOMAT ), and Schneider TM.
Currently she study MA Choreograhy at HZT - Inter-University Centre for Dance Berlin ( Ernst Busch Academy of Dramatic Arts ).
Web: www.yuhki.de

Yoann Trellu

Visual designer - video
Born 1976 in Chateaubriant, France.
My first medium was photography. I started working with live projections in Nantes, France, in 1999. I first used photography and slide projections, but I quickly switched to computer and video projection. I’m interested in real time video software and especially Max/Msp/Jitter.
In October 2003 I move my base of activity to Berlin and started to collaborate with dance productions. Since 2004 I worked on 50 stage productions with more than 10 different directors in Europe, USA and Asia. I create imagery as well as project-specific multimedia software.
My main themes are:
- Transformation, abstraction of an image.
- Geometry and the idea that shapes and colors can tell stories.
- The relationship between image and sound: what sound can change in the perception of an image and vice-versa.
- Using automatic and random processes in order to achieve “computer creativity”: using the computer not only as a tool but as an artistic partner.
- Improvisation, experimentation, surprises.

Work selection:
Post-Theater (Berlin, New York, Tokyo), Konzert theater Bern (Switzerland),
Landestheater Coburg (Germany), Jess Curtis-Gravity (Berlin, San-Francisco),
Tatraum Projekt Schmidt (Dusseldorf), Ten Pen Chii (Berlin), Shang Chi Sun
(Berlin, Taiwan), Junge Staatsoper (Berlin), Theater Strahl (Berlin)

Yuri Shimaoka is a dancer who wants to have close relation to: rules, curiosity, move, data and unconsciousness level communication.
Born and trained classical ballet and jazz dance in her hometown Nagano, Japan. Since 2010, she studied Modern Arts(BA) in Dokkyo University in Japan and trained ballet, contemporary dance, acting and street dance in Austrian Ballet School in Tokyo. After 2011 she visited The Forsythe Company several times and start to assist Yoko Ando, the company dancer, for some projects(DivisualPlays, YCAM InterLab) in Japan. Since the beginning of 2015 she moved to Berlin and working as a freelance dancer, working/-ed with: Yoko Ando, Marten Spangberg, Christine Salute Bonansea, Julia Maria Koch, Alice Phoebe Lou and so on.

Amy Gernux is a Western MA born, New York-based performer and artist with great love and enthusiasm for dance theater, improvisation, and the blues. She has performed at BAM Fisher, Joe's Pub, Danspace, Judson Memorial Church, The Invisible Dog, Dixon Place, Roulette BK, JACK, Gelsey Kirkland Art Center, Bates College, and festivals throughout New York and New England. Amy is delighted to have collaborated with/performed the work of Bebe Miller, David Dorfman, Kyle Abraham, Laura Dean, Nicholas Leighter, Angie Hauser, Andrea Miller, David Parker, Alex Springer | Xan Burley, Shani Collins Achille, Lisa Race, and Christine Bonansea Saulut. She performs primarily with The Feath3r Theory, B.S Movement, and Third Rail Projects and is one-half of a two-piece folk/blues outfit, Greasy Slax. Amy and band mate Skyler Volpe write original tunes and cover everything from old-time Americana to Rihanna. In 2013, Amy received her BA with Honors in Dance (magna cum laude) from Connecticut College where she also studied visual art with equal parts zeal and pleasure. At the moment, she is occupied with the idea of jewelry as wearable sculpture and modified found-object (also wearable) pieces.

Ann Trépanier is an emerging dance artist and interpreter based in Toronto, Canada. Trépanier attended a DEC diploma at l'École de Danse de Québec and then graduated from the School of Toronto Dance Theatre in 2013. Her ambition and curiosity led her to travel through Europe furthering her education in dance through classes, workshops and by performing with a dance collective from Brussels and also collaborated with cinematographer and music artist Kenneth Balys in Iceland, shooting a series of short films. Ann has been working with Bill Coleman for Coleman Lemieux and Company since 2011 and freelances in Toronto with Amanda Acorn, Amelia Erhardt, Anna Mcdowell, Christine Bonansea, Jennifer Dallas, Meryem Alaoui, Simon Renaud, Vazari Dance Project.

Further engagements includes performing Multiform(s) by Amanda Acorn at the FTA 2016 in Montreal, Traditional Dance by Amelia Erhardt at the OFFTA, ASTERIA by Christine Bonansea in Berlin and a european tour of L’envers by Ici’bas company.

Yuko Kaseki is Butoh dancer, performer, improviser, choreographer and teacher, based in Berlin since 1995.
Her Solo and ensemble performances, improvisations are performed throughout Europe, Russia, Japan, Taiwan, Korea, Malaysia, Thailand, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Uruguay, Argentine, Australia and the USA. These works are physical performance that incorporates Butoh dance, performing art with objects, texts, and soundscapes.
Her strong interest about breaking border of physical existence leads to projects with mixed ability artists and performers.
Numerous international collaboration such as inkBoat (San Francisco), Tableau Stations (San Francisco), CAVE (New York), improvisation duo KAYA with Antonis Anissegos (Berlin), Salad theater (Seoul), Theater Thikwa (Berlin) and others.
She performs and organizes dance-music improvisation series “AMMO-NITE GIG” (Vol.1 - 48 and on going) with international performers and musicians in Berlin since 2004.
Her works got an award “the Best Ensemble Performance” by Isadora Duncan Dance Award (SF) and nominated by The Dora Mavor Moore Awards (Toronto), no-ballet (Ludwigshafen), Toyota Choreography Award (Tokyo).

Phoebe Osborne
works with images, composed and anchored in the dynamism of live art, mapping out and contextualize embodied bio-geographies, combining the physical with historical and philosophical research to create visual architectures of bodies and objects over time. She is fueled by an active engagement with technology, futurism, and cultural-political threads to create works that resound with embodiments of psychic states, nature, extensions of the physical, and participation in the social. Currently, her work and research explore the collective psychocultural states of being dead and alive, human and nonhuman at once. With a B.A. in dance from the University of California San Diego, she has over the years, worked alongside artists such as Miguel Gutierrez, Sara Shelton Mann, Ona Fusté and Oreet Ashery. Her work has been performed at BCKSTX'11, La Caldera Barcelona, Oakland Museum of California, SFMoMA, Transmediale Berlin, and City Limits Gallery Oakland. She is currently a 2018 MFA candidate at Columbia University School of the Arts in New Genres. Her work with Christine Bonansea has spanned the last three years in performances and improvised works with live musicians.









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