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DT. PREMIERE Invisible Reality  
05. bis 06.04.2013 ein Tanzstück von Catalina Carrasco und Gaspar Morey
TANZ 20.30 Uhr im DOCK 11  
  beteiligte Künstler: Catalina Carrasco, Gaspar Morey  

Invisible Reality

Invisible Reality

Spieltermine im DOCK 11:

Vorstellungen am 05.04. und 06.04.2013, jeweils 20.30 Uhr

Die Performerin interagiert mit Bildern, die auf eine durchsichtige Leinwand projiziert werden. Es entstehen Korrespondenzen, poetische Doppelbilder. Zwei Frauen sind Teil desselben Wesens, in welchem sich das Bewusstsein und das Unbewusste überlagern. In den multiplen Persönlichkeiten, die Carrasco und Morey darstellen, ist das Sichtbare nie allein – und das Unsichtbare immer real. Was ist noch Instinkt, wo beginnt die Emotion? Wie verwandelt sich das Gedächtnis, wenn es in Bewegung gerät, wenn es durch den Körper geht? Eine Geschichte über Selbstfindung, Entdeckung und Akzeptanz.

Choreographie: Catalina Carrasco
Video und Bühne: Gaspar Morey & Catalina Carrasco
Performer: Catalina Carrasco (life), Susana Fuenmayor (video)
Foto: Lola Gómez

Eintritt: 10.- Euro / 8.- Euro erm.




CV Catalina Carrasco Jover

Born on October 1st, 1976


Bachiller de Arte (equivalent to A-Level Art in the UK)


• Pineapple Studio London. Contemporary and Classic. 1996 -1998

• Karen Taft Madrid. Contemporary, Classic and Modern. 1997 - 1998

• CET Madrid. Interpretation in Theatre. 1998

• Institut del Teatre Barcelona. Interpretation Course. 1999

• Area Barcelona. Contemporary Dance, Technical Base, Classic. 1999 -2002

• Rejkjavik Dance School, Island. 2000.

• Miguel Hernández University of the Performing Arts, Alicante: BA in Contemporary Dance,

October. 2002 – June 2005

• Master dance theatre. 2010 Barcelona.

Laboratory by :

• Toni Cots

• Tomeu Vèrges

• David Zambrano


• Gore Group Performance, Performances in Portugal, Greece and Spain

• Waterloo Dance Company, Denmark

• MTV Music, England

• Miguel Hernandez University Dance Company, Alicante, Spain.Las Bandas de Melina

• BAUSM by Wendell Wells (Butoh) Madrid

• MariAntonia Oliver Company, Spain

• Auments Company, Palma de Mallorca, Spain

• Torres Rojas, Santiago de Chile

• Hybrida, Berlin. Germany

• Torres Rojas company, Centro Gabriela Mistral de Santiago de Chile, 2010.

Own projects/Prizes received

• 2005 – One Day More! – Winner of the 3rd prize in 2nd Contemporary Dance Competition in

Gerona, Spain. Winner of 2nd prize in the Scenic Arts Reunion in Pamplona, Spain.

• 2005 Amelia – Winner of 1st prize in the Contemporary Dance Solos organized by Art Jove,


• 2007 - Who or What – Winner of 1st prize in Encounters Scenic Arts Festival in Navarra, Spain.

• 2008/2010 - Clavo, Piel de Erizo in the Miro Foundation,Spain. Optica festival and Corpus media

festival around Lationoamérica and Europe, Fira Tàrrega, Fira Manacor Spain.

• First prize Jaume I, Spain.

• 2009 – Subtalk, 1º prize news projects Teatro Principal Balearic Islands. Feria Huesca Spain,

Festival Vertientes, Chile, Dansamàniga Spain.

• 2010 Reality zero, premier in Pamplona centro Huarte, Les Corts in Barcelona, Dansamàniga.

• 2011 prize to the best female dancer at the “Premis Escènica” Balearic Island.

• 2012 Invisible Reality: Toured in SPAIN: Teatre Alaró, Teatre Andratx, C´an Monroig Arts Center,

Teatre del Mar, Antic teatre Barcelona, FRANCE: Mouviments sur de la ville, Corpus media

Montpellier, GERMANY: Barnes Crossing (Criss Cross), Cologne.

Additional Information:

From 2005 to October 2012 I've owned and directed “Versio Moviment”, a dance school and

creative space in Palma de Mallorca. I do also give classes in Contemporary Dance and

Improvisation for children and adults.



Born in Essen (Germany) in 1971, moved to Majorca (Spain) in 1977.


Valencia (Spain) 1989-1995

He studied Physical Education at the University of Valencia from 1989 to 1994. During the years

1994 and 1995 he enjoys a grant from Polytechnic University of Valencia at the Institute for

Biomechanics of Valencia.

Cologne (Germany) 1995-2005

He moves from Valencia to Cologne. For 10 years he worked as research assitant first and later

as collaborating scientist at the Institute for Biomechanics and Orthopaedics of the German

Sport University of Cologne. His research field was human motion analysis in several sport

disciplines, ankle joint stabilisation and neuromechanics and mechanics of the muscle-tendon

complex. In 2005 he earns his PhD in Biomechanics. During his time in Germany he had the

chance to work with lots of different technologies and sensors applied to motion capture and


Palma de Mallorca (Spain) 2006 – Oct. 2012

In 2006 Gaspar Morey returns to Spain. There he founds and leads the LFFA (Laboratory for

Functional Footwear Analysis) at INESCOP (Technological Footwear Institute). This is a

biomechanics Institute focused on motion analysis and equipped with state of the art

technology. He has participated in several national and international research projects. His role

as technical manager of the European project SSHOES (5mio€ total budget) is worth



During the six years he spent in Valencia, Gaspar Morey took body expression and dance classes for

two academic courses with Luís Antolín. He also had the opportunity to take some dance lessons

with Gracel Meneu and Carmen Senra, and had a brief experience in Contact Improvisation.

Whilst in Cologne he was member of an amateur dance group led by Annegret Köhler and

participated in several events and popular festivals.

Once back in Spain, besides researching about footwear, he also investigated about the aesthetic

perception in dance, collaborating with the INEFC of Barcelona and Lleida. This research has been

published at several congresses and in a book chapter and is actually under review for a scientific


In 2008 Gaspar Morey starts dancing contact improvisation regularly. He has had lessons with

Carolina Becker, Sebastián García Ferro, Ray Chung and Lior Ophir among others.

From 2010 untli nowadays he takes contemporary dance classes with Catalina Carrasco. Starting

2012 he starts collaborating with Catalina Carrasco in photography, video edition, lighting and also

on stage.

Courses and Workshops

2011 CI festival in Freiburg.

2012 intensive Easter course organised by Ana Maleras at “El Graner” in Barcelona, where he

took classes with Helder Seabre and Jordi Cortés.

Additional information

He speaks fluently Spanish, German, Catalan and English.

Sports: He has played Handball for 25 years (goalkeeper), has played 5 years University league

Volleyball, has practised Judo, Waterpolo and Rugby.









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