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WIEDERAUFNAHME improvisation series - AMMO-NITE GIG Vol.36/37/38/39  
16. bis 19.08.2012 ein Spielfeld für Experimente und Improvisation von Butoh / Tanz / Musik mit Yuko Kaseki und Gäste
  beteiligte Künstler: Yuko Kaseki  

improvisation series - AMMO-NITE GIG Vol.36/37/38/39

improvisation series - AMMO-NITE GIG Vol.36/37/38/39

AMMO-NITE GIG. ist inzwischen eine Kult-Serie, die von Yuko Kaseki (un)regelmäßig im DOCK 11 präsentiert wird.
Ihr Motto ist: Raum verändern, Zeit verwechseln, Realität t(a)äuschen.

Yuko Kaseki präsentiert einen Sommer-Special: Jeden Tag verschiedene Performances in der Theaterhalle des DOCK 11.

Vol.36 - August 16 : Shingo Inao (Musik/Tosso), Isak Immanuel, Yuko Kasekip (Performance)

Vol.37 - August 17 : Akemi Takeya, Yuko Kaseki (Performance)
Special guest from Japan!!! Kazuhisa Uchihashi: www.japanimprov.com/kuchihashi/index.html

Vol.38 - August 18 : miu (Electronics), Isak Immanuel, Yuko Kaseki (Performance)

Vol.39 - August 19 : A.M., KADDISH, Yuko Kaseki (Performance)

Licht: Martin Capatinta
Foto: Subuddha

8 -15 Euro sliding scale




improvisation series
AMMO-NITE GIG Vol.36 - 39

A Playground for experiment and improvisation of Butoh/Dance/Music/Art. AMMO-NITE GIG is Improvisation with international performers and musicians, organized by Yuko Kaseki and (un) regularly play at DOCK 11. Space metamorphosis, timeless, reality be crooked and mystified.

Summer special, every 4day will be different unique performances!!!

Vol.36 - August 16 : Shingo Inao (music/Tosso), Isak Immanuel, Yuko Kaseki (performance)
Vol.37 - August 17 : Akemi Takeya, Yuko Kaseki (performance)
Vol.38 - August 18 : miu (electronics), Isak Immanuel, Yuko Kaseki (performance)
Vol.39 - August 19 : A.M., KADDISH, Yuko Kaseki (performance)

Light: Martin Capatinta

8 -15 Euro sliding scale


Artist Bio

miu Der Konzeptkünstler miu wurde 1976 in Shimane, Japan geboren. Er studierte Sonologie und elektronische Musik am Kunitachi College of Music (Tokyo, Japan) und am Koninklijk Conservatorium (Den Haag, Niederlande). miu lebt und arbeitet in Ulm.
www.spiegel-verkehrt.org www.milch-labor.org

. is a Visionary from Detroit, Michigan (USA) immersed in the alchemical art of transmutation. His artistic pursuit serves as an archaeology of the soul: excavating the dreams and psychi and transforming this substance into em-bodied expression. Under the guise of the “contemporary-neo-noir”, A.M.'s work gives flesh to fantasy through the convergence of dance, ritual, performance, film and design.

KADDISH Raised in the forest in Suriname, South America KADDISH is a Dutch performer and visual-artist currently based in Berlin. Her work incorporates elements of video, installation and authentic-movement; bridging the realms of the unreal into manifest reality. Inspired by the Minimalist, Surrealist and Futurist Movements, KADDISH’S creations mine the well of the subconscious, giving form to her own private dreamscape through the vessel of the transformative experience.

Shingo Inao performs live with a sonification of body movement using sensor-driven techniques using two self-made instruments with tilt and distance sensors. One called Tosso looks like a thin contrabass, the other is a hand-sized device named Qgo. He also exhibits sound installations and objects focusing mainly on how sound can change the structure of a room. He studied sound art and computer music with Prof. Susumu Shono and Takayuki Hayashi in the Kunitachi College of Music, Tokyo. He studied media art in the Karlsruhe University of Arts and Design (HfG) and finished his study of sound art/performance, with an honorary mention, at the Bauhaus University, Weimar. His installations and objects have been shown in Germany, Switzerland, Italy, America and Japan. He has performed for several festivals, f.e. Elektro-Mechanica (St.Peterburg), Dis-Play (Canary Island), Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week (Berlin) and Transmediale (Berlin). He won the DAAD-Prize in 2008 and in 2009 he was selected as a finalist (New Media) for the Prix Phonurgia Nova in France.

Akemi Takeya
/ Choreografer, Perfomer. Since 1991 Akemi Takeya has been living and working in Vienna. She has collaborated with artists in the fields of dance, theater, film/video, photography and music, such as Granular Synthesis, Ulf Langheinrich, Wolfgang Mitterer, Christian Fennesz, Tetsuo Furudate, Rechenzentrum, Ko Murobushi etc…


ISAK IMMANUEL is a dancer and interdisciplinary artist working site-specific to city, landscape, theater, gallery, and for camera. In 2004 he began Tableau Stations/Floor of Sky as an exploration of place and the absences and inversions of quotidian moments. Solo and collaborative projects have been done throughout the United States, East Asia, and Europe. Notable movement/performance work has been with Anna Halprin (Tamalpa Institute/Dancers’ Workshop), Katsura Kan (Saltimbanques), Thomas Langhoff (Munich/SF Opera), and Koichi and Hiroko Tamano (Harupin Ha).

Yuko Kaseki lives and works as a freelance dancer, choreographer and teacher in Berlin since 1995. She studied Butoh dance and Performing Art in HBK Braunschweig with Anzu Furukawa and danced in her company Dance Butter Tokio and Verwandlungsamt in 1989-2000. Yuko Kaseki and Marc Ates founded the dance company cokaseki in 1995 and have been involved in various projects with musicians and visual artist. Solo and ensemble performances, improvisations are performed throughout Europe, Japan, Taiwan, Korea, Canada, Mexico, Uruguay, Argentina, Australia and the USA. These works are performance forms, which focus on physical performance that incorporates Butoh, contemporary dance, object design, texts, and soundscapes into theme-driven performance scores. Yuko Kaseki performs and organizes improvisation series “AMMO-NITE GIG” with international performers and musicians since 2004. Collaboration with inkBoat (San Francisco) since 2001, CAVE (New York), Isak Immanuel/Tableau Stations(San Francisco), Theater Thikwa (Berlin) and others.










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