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PREMIERE What the body knows that we don’t know?  
26. bis 29.07.2012 eine Performance von und mit André Soares und Catarina Gonçalves
PERFORMANCE 20.30 Uhr im DOCK 11  
  beteiligte Künstler: André Soares, Catarina Gonçalves  

What the body knows that we don’t know?

What the body knows that we don’t know?

„Was weiß der Körper, dass wir nicht wissen?“ Der Weg dies zu untersuchen, sind zwei Körper in Bewegung. 90% unserer Körperzellen enthalten ihre eigene mikrobische DNA und sie sind weder „du“ noch „ich“. Die Atome im Körper sind zu 99,9999999999999999% leerer Raum und keines von ihnen ist dass selbe mit dem wir geboren wurden.
Was taucht von dort auf, wo flüchtige Realität ist? Was ist Zeit, wenn das Wesen vor dem Gedanken bewegt wird?
Der Tanz wird einen Ort für die Erforschung des Menschen sowie für die Auflösung des Selbst (Ego) kreieren. Auf der Suche nach dem Sein und Existieren. Der Übergangsbereich zwischen dem materiellen und dem unsichtbaren Körper wird ermittelt. Die Auswirkungen schwingen zwischen Körper, Fleisch, Licht, Ton und Präsenz. So entwickeln sich Bewegungen wie ein fortlaufender Strom, eine Vibration und Physikalität. Das erlaubt einen Zustand der Leerheit, voll vom Sein und Existieren ohne Vergangenheit, Gegenwart und Zukunft.
…ein Kontinuum Zeit / Raum…ein Zustand der Blitzartigkeit …eine fortdauernde Bewegung, in der der Körper der Inhaber der Überlegenheit ist. Körper als der Urquell, der die Existenz potenziert... erschaffend durch das Gesehen werden und den Zuschauer erschaffen lassen, was er sieht!

Konzept  / Performance: André Soares, Catarina Gonçalves
Foto: mariana pimentel_inwhiteout
Produziert von inwhiteout

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In "what the body knows that we don’t know?" two bodies in motion is the way to research on.
90% of the cells in our bodies carry their own microbial DNA and they are not “you” or “me”. The atoms in the body are 99,9999999999999999% empty space and none of them are the ones we were born with.
What emerges from where is ephemeral reality? What is the time when the being is moved before the thought?
The dance will create a place for research on the human kind and of course on the dissolution of the self (ego) in search for being (to be| to exist). An investigation in the transition between the material body and the invisible body from the impact between flesh and light | sound and presence, the movement is unfolded as a continuous flow, creating the vibration and the physicality that allows a state of emptiness, full of being and existence with no past, no present and no future.
...a continuum time_space ...a state of instantaneousness drawn ...a continuous movement in which the body is the holder of transcendence. Bodies as the mother source that potentiate existence, creating by being seen and letting the spectator create what he sees!

“I'm fine, if one may say. what more can I want? this life that is no longer mine. far from projections I do not know where to go and not very well where I am, but I am in the right place ... I do not know why. I feel beautiful and relaxed. I am now in a cafe to write you and enjoying this unexpectedly and undocked life. I am lost as I like, but sometimes it scares me so much the ignorance of such a clarity that is occupying and growing in this bobby every day. the mysteries of the world are dissipating at the same time that my body is aging and gaining texture. the emotions involved with my physicality and find themselves with the thought in no place. Berlin became a kind of place for research on human kind and of course on the dissolution of the self (ego) in search for being (to be| to exist)” by André Soares to Márcia Soares


Creation / Performance: André Soares, Catarina Gonçalves
Foto: mariana pimentel_inwhiteout
Produced by inwhiteout

Ticketprices: 13.- Euro / reduced 9.- Euro


ANDRÉ SOARES Artist and researcher working in terms of choreography and performance born in Portugal in 1981. He has MA and BA in Industrial Design and BA in Contemporary Dance. Since 2002 he has been having formation on dance. In 2008 he had the opportunity to meet and work with Pina Bausch’s Company, in “Marzurka Fogo” at CCB. In 2009 presented the solos “Glass” by Rui Horta and “O Rei no Exilio” by Francisco Camacho and in “Bons Sentimentos, Maus Sentimentos” by Vera Mantero. Has concluded the studies program of creation and choreographic research, PEPCC at Forum Dança. Had the possibility to learn, work and be with professionals from different areas of design, creation, dance and theatre as Fernando Brizio, João Tabarra, José Gil, André Lepecki, Clara Andermat, João Fiadeiro, Francisco Camacho, Rui Horta, Vera Mantero, Lisa Nelson, Mark Tompkins, Minako Seki and Meg Stuart among others. In Berlin finished a post graduation on physical dance theatre at the Berlin Post School with Tanzfabrik, in 2010. He collaborates with the COAC Company | Fabian Chyle and he is a member and cofounder of the Flocks and Shoals collective. He is also working with Helena Waldman in “Glukstuk” that premiered in 2011 in Berlin at RadialSistem, and tour. In 2012 colaborated again with Fabian Chyle in “ Platzregen_ProjectH”, in ECLAT Festival Neue Musik | Theaterhaus, Stuttgart, Germany. During all of these years, he has been developed his own pieces as “Ar”, “um género de café com açúcar”, “¿género”, “M”, “o que é que liga um ser humano a outro ser humano?”, “all gates open”, “Monstro”, in Lisbon and “Habitaculum”, “inwitheout#organisms”, “half douzen billion others” in Berlin.

CATARINA GONÇALVES Independent dance artist, born in 1982, Lisbon. Had studied in the communication field and then graduated in education (2004) and dance (2007) in Lisbon. Work in the performative arts and developt her work as a creative dancer, performer and movement researcher. Since 2010 she´s practicing Kung fu lotus marcial art with Guilherme Luz and researching “The Consciousness of the Movement” with the artist Mercedes Boronat, related to the study of movement action, energy and art, During this journey had worked with Ana Borges, Ana Borralho & João Galante, Ana Rita Barata, Antonio Tavares, Joclécio Azevedo, João Brites, Mercedes Boronat, Rita Natálio, Silke Z -Resistdance Company, Sofia Silva and Vera Mantero in different projects and different places.








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