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14. bis 17.07.2011 eine Performance von und mit Yannis Adoniou`s KUNST-STOFF dance company
PERFORMANCE 20.30 Uhr im DOCK 11  
  beteiligte Künstler: Yannis Adoniou  



Für diese Weltpremiere bezieht Yannis Adoniou seine Inspiration aus der griechischen Rebetiko Musik, einem Genre ähnlich dem Blues und dem Fado, da es der Trauer, der Leidenschaft und dem Sehnen unterdrückter Menschen nach einem neuen Leben in einem anderen Land entsprang.

„Die Rebetika, Gesänge, die in den Armenvierteln von Samyra, Istanbul und in griechischen Häfen im späten 19. Jahrhundert angestimmt wurden und sich später zur beliebten Bouzouki Musik der 1930er und 50er wurde, haben vieles gemeinsam mit dem amerikanischen Blues. Wie dieser, waren die Rebetika Musik der Außenseiter, die ihren eigenen Slang und ihre eigenen Formen sich auszudrücken entwickelten…die ‚Rembetes‘, welche Haschisch rauchten und den leidenschaftlichen, in sich gerichteten ‚zebekiko‘ um ihre Gefühle auszuleben.“ Gail Holst

„Die Rebetika sind Gesänge des Herzens. Nur die, die ihnen mit waren Emotionen begegnen, können sie wirklich fühlen und ihnen Bewusst sein. Denn das Herz kann nur mit dem Herz abgemessen werden.“ Elias Petropoulos

Konzept und Choreographie: Yannis Adoniou
Musik: Minos Matsas
Konzept und Stimme: Catherine Clambaneva
mit:Yannis Adoniou (USA), Marina Fukushima (Japan), Chin Chin Hsu (Taiwan), Daiane Lopes de Silva (Brazil) und Aggeliki Trobouki (Greece)
Bühne: Lisa Pinkham, Yannis Adoniou 
Kostüme: Yannis Adoniou
gefördert von counterPULSE Performing, Diaspora Residency Program

For this world premiere, renowned choreographer Yannis Adoniou draws inspiration for Greek Rebetiko music, a genre similar to the blues and Fado as it was born out of sorrow, desire and the yearnings of oppressed people seeking to adjust to a new life in a new country.The Rebetika, songs that were sung in the poor quarters of Smyrna, Istanbul and the ports of Greece in the late nineteenth century and became the popular bouzouki music of the 1930s to 1950s, have many parallels with the American blues. Like the blues, the Rebetika were the music of outsiders, who developed their own slang and their own forms of expression….the ‘rembetes’ who smoked hashish and danced the passionate, introspective ‘zebekiko’ to release their emotions. - Gail Holst

The rebetika songs are songs of the heart. Only those who approach them with pure emotion can truly feel them and appreciate them. Because, heart can only be measured with heart. -Elias Petropoulos

Concept / Choreography: Yannis Adoniou
Music and Songs: Minos Matsas
Concept / Vocals: Catherine Clambaneva
Performing Artists:Yannis Adoniou (USA), Marina Fukushima (Japan), Chin Chin Hsu (Taiwan), Daiane Lopes de Silva (Brazil), Calvin Hilbert (USA) and Aggeliki Trobouki ( Greece)
Stage Design: Lisa Pinkham, Yannis Adoniou

Costumes: Yannis Adoniou
Foto: Weidong Yang

This work was developed with the support of the counterPULSE Performing, Diaspora Residency Program and ODC Theater.


KUNSTSTOFF = synthetic, plastic, artificial, or unnatural

KUNST = art, STO F F = things

KUNST-STOFF was founded by choreographers Yannis Adoniou and Tomi Paasonen in 1998. The organization’s mission is to create eclectic movement-focused art experiences that: 1) foster inter-disciplinary, global, and cross-cultural exchange; 2) challenge and expand the boundaries of perception; 3) and encourage critical thinking that leads to new understandings of contemporary society. Since it’s founding, KUNST-STOFF has premiered over 20 new works in the Bay Area, toured internationally, and collaborated with an outstanding array of nationally and internationally renowned visual and media artists and composers. The company’s programming includes an annual Home Season in San Francisco; performances presented in collaboration with other Bay Area artists; classes and workshops presented at their new home KUNST-STOFF arts.

Yannis Adoniou is the artistic director of KUNST–STOFF and a native of Athens, Greece. He has lived in San Francisco for nearly 15 years and in that time has become a vital part of the Bay Area dance community. His commissions include works for Sacramento Ballet, Seattle Opera, West Bay Opera, Herbs Dance Festival in Heidelberg, Bonn Ballet, Prosxima Dance Company, and Dance Forum Monaco, and in the Bay Area, works for ODC Theater, the Yerba Buena Gardens Festival, Yerba Buena Center for the Arts/Bay Area Now Festival, the San Francisco International Arts Festival, Company Mechanique, Dance Brigade, and West Wave Dance Festival. Adoniou’s work has been recognized with numerous honors and awards, including the Isadora Duncan Award, a 2005 Goldie Award from the Bay Guardian, and choreographic excellence awards from the James Irvine Foundation and Dance/USA, the San Francisco Arts Commission, and the Maggie Allesee National Center for Choreography. In 2008, he was one of only 3 bay Area choreographers asked to join the American delegation to Tanzmesse in Dusseldorf.

Catherine Clambaneva is a performing artist specializing in traditional and contemporary Greek music as well as a Marketing specialist and Arts Administrator. Catherine has completed a Masters in Mediterranean and Middle Eastern Music at City University of London and is an international performer in Europe and the United States. Both her career and artistic ventures display her commitment to the arts and culture. She maintains a very busy performance schedule participating in several groups including the Josquin Singers of B.A.C.H., PAKAW!, the SOAS Rebetiko group and the London International Rebetiko Orchestra (LIRO) and various Latin ensembles. In addition to her performance activities Catherine runs a concert series in collaboration with the Pro Arts Gallery in Oakland supporting local ensembles from both classical and traditional music backgrounds. She is captivated by world music and is very interested in cultural fusion through musical expression. Catherine has a versatile voice, is a native speaker in Greek and English and is comfortable singing in French, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Slavic and more. Her performances entertain, educate and inform the general public while preserving the musical traditions of the complex and evolved Greek culture.

Minos Matsas received degrees in Music from the Athens Conservatory and the Juilliard School of music. His works include music for films, theater, dance and orchestral music. His cds have ben released by EMI, Capital records and Sony Music. His works have been performed at Lincoln Center (Met, Alice Tully Hall), the National Theater of Greece, the Athens Concert Hall and the Palace Theater. In 2003, his New York debut at Lincoln Center included an outstanding performance of his original score "Diary of a Lost Girl”. In May 2003, Mr. Matsas music was performed at the Metropolitan Opera of New York to accompany the film "The Parthenon", directed by the Academy Award winner Costa-Gavras. Mr. Matsas received the Greek State Awards (Best Music Awards) for his scores of the films "Eduart" and "Slaves in their Bonds". His most recent movie "Undisputed III”, has been released by Warner Brothers.

Marina Fukushima, a native of Tokyo, Japan, received her BFA in Dance from Butler University in Indiana and continued her studies at the University of Iowa, where she received her MFA in Dance. She has danced with Anne Bluethenthal and Dancers, Mark Foehringer Dance Project, ODC and project agora. She is currently working with Catherine Galasso and Lenora Lee. Her work has been presented at the American College Dance Festival in Boulder, Colorado, KUNST- STOFF arts, ODC Theater, Project Artaud Theater and 418 Dance Project, Santa Cruz, CA. This is her third season with KUNST-STOFF.

Chin-chin Hsu was born and raised in Kaohsiung, Taiwan. A young lady who loves to move, create and share. She has trained in ballet, various modern techniques, Tai-chi, Chinese martial art, Chinese ballet, jazz and improvisation while also playing piano and violin. Chin-chin is a graduate of Tsoying High School, Taiwan, and received her BFA with highest honor from New World School of the Arts, FL. In 2008, Chin-chin moved to SF and has danced with ODC/SF, HereNow Dance Collective, and is currently a member of Anne Bluethenthal & Dancers and Tanya Bello’s Project B. She enjoys teaching and sharing her dance knowledge with the youth at ODC Commons and public schools in the Bay Area. She thanks her beloved husband and family for their support through time. Chin-chin is delighted to be part of KUNST-STOFF.

Daiane Lopes da Silva, born in Brazil, trained at the Municipal Ballet School of Sao Paulo. Soon after graduation, she moved to Portugal, where she worked with Lisbon Dance Company and Almada Dance Company. Daiane was awarded full scholarship to study at P.A.R.T.S (Performing Arts Research and Training Studios), directed by Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker. She has performed works by William Forsythe and Anne Teresa. Her choreographies include Origem de A, Fat Days, Microscopic Eyes and Un (natural selection). Daiane is also a member of Mambo Reflection and Labayen Dance.









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