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GASTSPIEL Lime Rickey Internationalís #UNSTOPPABLE  
08. bis 10.03.2018 Leyya Mona Tawil mit Hilary Jeffery und Camilla M. Feher

Lime Rickey Internationalís #UNSTOPPABLE

Lime Rickey Internationalís #UNSTOPPABLE

Spieltermine im DOCK 11:

Vorstellungen: 08., 09. und 10. März 2018, jeweils 19.00 Uhr

DOCK11, Kastanienallee 79, 10435 Berlin

Ticketreservierungen: ticket@dock11-berlin.de, 030-35120312 

Tickets: 10.- Euro

Sa. 10.03. 19:00 Artist talk following '#Unstoppable'



Lime Rickey International's #UNSTOPPABLE ist ein Lieder-Zirkel mit Tanz, der aus diasporischen Räumen erzählt. Die Performerin Lime Rickey International ist aus der Zukunft im Jetzt und Hier gestrandet. Sie erfindet fiktionale Folktänze und beschwört ein Heimatland, das noch nicht exisitert. Der Score der Performance entstand unter Einfluss von arabischem Maqam und Dabke. Lime wird auf der Bühne unterstützt von dem Musiker Hilary Jeffery und der Performerin Camilla M. Feher. Die Drei vermischen ihre Disziplinen und schaffen so ein Traktat aus Getöse und Geschichten.

Leyya Mona Tawil mit Hilary Jeffery und Camilla M. Feher
Foto: Atsushi Iwai




Lime Rickey International's #UNSTOPPABLE ist ein Projekt von ELIXIR aus Oakland, USA. ELIXIR wurde durch folgende Förderer unterstützt: East Bay Community Foundation, California Arts Council, City of Oakland Cultural Funding Program, Alliance for California Traditional Arts, Foundation for Contemporary Art und mehrere Privatpersonen.

Lime Rickey International’s #UNSTOPPABLE is a dance-song-cycle that re-narrates particular elements of diasporic realities. Lime Rickey International is shipwrecked here from the future. She performs fictional folk dances and cries out to a homeland that is yet to exist. Lime’s performance score is built under the influence of Arabic maqam and dabke. Lime is joined at DOCK11 by musician Hilary Jeffery and performer Camilla M. Feher. Together they twist disciplines to create a treatise of noise and nation.


Leyya Mona Tawil mit Hilary Jeffery and Camilla M. Feher
Photo: Atsushi Iwai



Lime Rickey International's #UNSTOPPABLE is a project of ELIXIR, based in Oakland-US. ELIXIR has received support from the East Bay Community Foundation, California Arts Council, City of Oakland Cultural Funding Program, Alliance for California Traditional Arts, Foundation for Contemporary Art and a host of generous individuals.

Lime Rickey International / Leyya Mona Tawil
Lime Rickey International is the alter-consciousness of Leyya Mona Tawil; an artist working with voice, dance and performance practices. Tawil is Syrian, Palestinian, American; engaged in the world as such. Her articulation of Arab Experimentalism embeds political sub-narratives and cultural confusions into the performance fabric. Tawil has been creating and performing for over two decades. Her performance scores have been presented throughout the US, Europe and the Arab world; and featured in the New York Times, American Theatre and PAJ: Journal of Performance and Art. Engagements include After the Last Sky Festival (Berlin), Kunst Stoff Arts at DOCK11 (Berlin), New York Live Arts (NYC), Museum of Nonconformist Art (St. Petersburg), Bimhuis (Amsterdam) and Syrian National Opera House (Damascus). Tawil is the director of ELIXIR / TAC – an organization supporting transdisciplinary arts and culturally relevant work on a local and international scale. She was a 2016 Columnist-in-Residence at San Francisco MOMA’s Open Space; she has also been published in Movement Research’s Critical Correspondence, QED: A Journal in GLBTQ Worldmaking and Detroit Research Journal.

Hilary Jeffery
Hilary Jeffery is a trombonist and composer, born in Surbiton, England in 1971. He has played with many groups including zeitkratzer, Mir8, CC Hennix and The Chora(s)san Time-Court, Zinc & Copper, Inconsolable Ghost, Tonaliens, Mullet, The Barton Workshop, Jimi Tenor Big Band, Paul Dunmall Octet, Sand and Germ. Hilary’s principal teacher and mentor for trombone playing is James Fulkerson, with whom he studied between 1998 and 2000 at the European Dance Development Centre in Arnhem. As a result of these studies Hilary has collaborated with many choreographers, performers and theatre makers including: Aurora Corsano, Katie Duck, Camilla Milena Feher, Mary O'Donnell Fulkerson, Vania Gala, Lily Kiara, Jane Mason, Martin Nachbar, She She Pop, Joao De Silva, Chicks On Speed, Leyya Tawil and Saburo Teshigawara. Hilary has been invited for artistic residences such as at Recollets in Paris (2012), won composition prizes such as the Henriette Bosmans Prize (Netherlands, 2009) and appears in many different recordings on various labels including Aquarellist, Col Legno, FMR, Dilemma, Important Records, Mikroton, New World Records, Soul Jazz, Sloow Tapes, Sub Rosa and Karl Records.

Camilla M. Feher
Camilla M. Feher graduated at CODARTS, Rotterdam, where she studied modern dance, improvisation & choreography and made her MA of performative arts at DASARTS in Amsterdam, NL. She worked with various groups such as RAZ, Sharon Paz, the performance-collective PONI.be ao and toured internationally. Her work situates itself on the threshold of performance, dance, electronic music and installation. Choreography and composition become one, sonic landscapes get initiated and inhabited. Since 2006 Camilla M. Feher forms a music-performance-duo with Sylvi Kretzschmar called SKILLS. Camilla M. Feher works as a teacher with somatic studies as part of her training and collaborates with various musicians and artists. SKILLS: WELCOME TO HELL (2018), FIELD (2017), PIONIER GEIST (2015), MEGAFONCHOR (2014), DER AUFBAU (2013), UNDER CONSTRUCTION (2006). SKILLS has been performing at Hebbel Theater, Berlin, Kampnagel, Hamburg, Mouson Theater, Frankfurt, Choreographisches Zentrum Essen, Pumpenhaus, Münster, Freiburg ( Politik im Freien Theater), KUB Bregenz, DISTRICT, Berlin, Leipzig Schauspielhaus ao.









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